Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who's Paying?

Apparently that infamous “beer” Obama is having with racist Prof. Gates and his intended victim, the cop who arrested him after Gates had screamed “racist” long enough is coming off soon. Who is paying the freight for both to fly to Washington for this exercise in stupidity?

WHAT KIND OF BEER? They’re now discussing what might be the brand of beer Obama will use in his “beer diplomacy” meeting with racist-professor Gates and the cop who got enough of him and arrested him. Who CARES? Don’t they have something NEWSWORTHY to report? Sheesh!

RESTORE HER REPUTATION: The woman who made the 911 call that started the Prof. Gates racism hooraw found it necessary to hold a news conference to help “restore her reputation.” Frankly, she doesn’t NEED to ”restore her reputation” with people who have any common sense and intelligence.

WHY CHANGE YOUR NAME? I notice that Brink’s Home Security is changing its name to “Broadview Security.” Why? I know why government agencies change their names (because the original names were now a liability), but why Brinks? Pinkerton Security was bought out by a Swedish outfit, “Securitas,” and they subsequently changed Pinkerton, a well-established, OLD name everybody knew to “Securitas,” a name nobody in this country knew. What were they THINKING? After spending all this time and money promotion their name, many companies are changing them. Why?

“TAXING THE RICH”: Liberals (and even some so-called conservatives) are always “targeting the rich” whenever they propose another spending spree. But they forget “the rich” are only 2% of the population and don’t have enough money to pay for all their “spending sprees.” Further, “the rich” are ALREADY paying a disproportionate percentage of the income tax (the ones actually working and EARNING their money, that is). Those who only “clip coupons” on the stocks and bonds left by their ancestors don’t pay any income tax at all.

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