Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Unemployment High? Raise Minimum Wage!

The unemployment rate in Michigan is the highest in the nation. But liberals there are suggesting that the minimum wage in the state be raised to TEN DOLLARS an hour! That’s for people with NO SKILLS! Is this STUPID, or what? What are they going to do when employment goes even higher? Raise taxes?

UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Everything Obama is doing, and everything he is proposing to do is unconstitutional! He lacks the authority to do ANYTHING he has done or has promised to do (such as firing the CEO of GM)! How does he get away with it? Because nobody questions him. He does what he wants to do without real opposition and he gets away with it. Have we come to this? Do we need to IMPEACH him to stop him from becoming a dictator as Adolph Hitler did, using the same tactics he’s using? You’d better listen to what I’m saying because it won’t be long before Obama makes it a crime. And he’ll get away with it.

A MUSLIM WIFE: The “mild-mannered guy” who has been charged with “plotting terrorism” has a Muslim wife and narrowly escaped having his hand and foot cut off in Pakistan a few years ago for robbing a bank. She immediately went to a known Islamic terrorist-supporting Muslim organization to make her statement in support of her husband and his two sons. She says “due process will clear them.” Is this fooling anybody?

CONTROLLING CONGRESS’ MAILINGS: The Democrats, who are now in complete control in Washington, are now “editing” the mailings congresspeople are allowed to send out and get the postage paid. They recently forced the Republicans to eliminate ANY reference to Obama’s “health care program” before they would allow them to send out mail to constituents under their “franking” privilege. First time I’ve ever heard about “editing” a congressperson. But then that’s Obama.

MAKING FUN OF COMMON SENSE: Congressman Conyers makes fun of those who demand that he actually do his job and READ the bills he votes into law. Funny; we actually ask him to DO HIS JOB!

“WORKING TOGETHER”: Obama and his friends Are always talking about us “working together” to implement his plans. What for? His plans will bankrupt this country and us along with it. Why in the hell should we “work together” with him to make them happen? Sheesh!

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