Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Ahnold's Knife"

Arnold Schwartzenegger, Governor of California, used a “big knife” as a prop in a recent ad, begging for help with his cost overruns and got a lot of criticism for it. Ahnold is a Republican, even though he governs as a liberal. What’s so different from the Democrat former San Francisco mayor, now Senator Diane Feinstein swinging around an automatic weapon in a crowded room to make one of her anti-gun points? The answer is, she’s a DEMOCRAT, and according to the liberal media, Democrats can do no wrong.

READ THE BILL: Not enough is being made of the fact that congresspeople usually do not even bother to READ the bills they pass into law. Rep. Conyers (D-MI) even made FUN of other congresspeople who PRETENDED to read the bills they pass into law. The problem lies with collusion between the president and congressional leaders who give congresspeople tiny amounts of time to read the bills between releasing them and scheduling a vote. There should be a REQUIRED interval between the release of a bill to Congress and the scheduled vote on it, longer if the bill is longer. This problem NEEDS to be addressed.

PROFIT VS. NO PROFIT: Obama speaks glibly about your ability to keep your health insurance under his health care swindle, but he doesn’t mention that private companies need to make a PROFIT to stay in business. The government does NOT. Therefore there is NO “level playing field” and private companies will soon be out of business and what will be left?” The government plan.

SCARING LIBERALS: Anybody they call names scares the hell out of them. Michele Malkin, for instance, they call “that flighty, right-wing fascist.” Which reveals their complete IGNORANCE of what fascism is. Nobody could be FURTHER from fascism than Michele Malkin. What stupid fools these liberals be!

NO “SHOUTING MATCH”: The media call the contretemps between racist Prof. Gates and the cop who got enough of his big mouth and arrested him a “shouting match.” But it was not. A “match” presupposes two people shouting at EACH OTHER. This was not that. It was ONE man, following a policeman who was just trying to leave out to his car, screaming “racist” at him. That’s not a “match” and the cop was right to arrest him, to shut him up for a few minutes. Black, white, or purple with pink polka-dots, I wouldn’t take that kind of abuse from ANYBODY.

BLAME BUSH: Obama’s usual scam when his numbers start falling is to blame Bush. And he’s doing that right now when he talks about “When I came into office we were in the middle of the biggest recession in years.” They were NOT. They were AT THE BEGINNING of a recession of their own making. Under Bush, after his tax cuts (which Obama wants to end), the economy was BOOMING until the Democrat-produced “slowdown” (Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976) began to affect the economy.

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