Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Never Been A Fake Tape From bin Laden"

Sayeth the media, including Fox News. Define “fake.” The tape itself may be authentic in its source (meaning Al-Qaida), but there’s no way the tape purporting to be from bin Laden is genuine because he has been dead for years and they’re still trying to convince us he’s still alive. We made a “cinder” out of him many years ago when we bombed one of his caves with him in it. Don’t “buy” this con.

LAWS “CONCERNING” RELIGION: That’s what the Constitution bans. The “anti-religion zealots” define that as MAKING all kinds of law BANNING religion and its practice in any place (owned or used by) government. And they’ve been getting away with it for years because nobody has made a REAL effort to stop them. In Pennsylvania, they’re trying to ban the very MENTION of Jesus Christ. A California town is also trying it. This IS “making a law regarding religion or its practice.” But they will neither admit this, nor allow anybody else to do so. I’m not a “religious fanatic” although they will accuse me of it, but I support people’s right to worship as they please. How they worship is nobody else’s business.

BRING IT ON! In Pennsylvania, they’re trying to censor the prayers of pastors who pray “in Jesus’ name” in their legislature. They say they’re afraid of a lawsuit from atheists who don’t like that. What they don’t consider is that Christians (or other religions) represent 95% or more of their constituents and WILL bring a lawsuit if they do so. Rep. Dan Moul said, "I am extraordinarily tired of the vast majority changing our way of life to accommodate a few," As for the argument that the state could face lawsuits, Moul said simply: "Let 'em sue us." I say, if atheists want to sue, bring it!

“EMPATHY” IS NOT LAW: Obama sas he wants a Supreme Court Justice “with empathy” for the “downtrodden.” But “empathy” is now law. The Supreme Court has but ONE job. To rule on the CONSTITUTIONALITY of the cases that come before them. Empathy has NO PLACE there. If they rule on ANY other basis than the CONSTITUTIONALITY of the case before them they are violating their oath. Of office and should be impeached for cause.

“REASONABLE LIMITS”: Liberals and anti-gun freaks don’t argue GAINST THE second Amendment except to say it’s a “collective right” aimed at organizations whose existence was not even DREAMED of when it was made. They simply “sidestep” it, saying “it does not prohibit ‘reasonable limits” on that right.” It DOES. “Reasonable limits” is just a way to “get around” the law and the Constitution.

“POLITICAL COVER”: some Democrats are saying then Vice-President Dick Cheney ordered the CIA NOT to inform Nancy Pelosi about their “plans” to use what the Democrats call “torture” on Islamic terrorists. What REAL LIFE shows us is those plans were “contingency plans” they didn’t want Pelosi to know about because she would blab about it all over the place. Plans that never came to fruition. Congress should NEVER be told everything about what the CIA is doing because it is such a sieve.

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