Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Open Insurrection

An Islamic group is openly espousing the “fall of capitalism and the rise of Islam” in a meeting at a hotel in a Chicago hotel. They’re using our freedoms as “weaknesses” to enslave us. This organization is promoting a world-wide Islamic government, using “Sharia Law” instead of our Constitution. They SAY they’re “non-violent,” but they support Islamic violence in all they do. Their name is “Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global Sunni network with reported ties to confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. (Fox) They are RECRUITING for Islam. Maybe not directly, but they send people to other groups, who ARE; and they ARE propagandizing for Islam.

ANTI-SMOKING NAZIS: They’re at it again. Their “target” this time is people in the military. A group that MUST “obey orders.” Orders don’t need to be voted on by Congress or any other law-making body. So they want to BAN smoking in the military for those who have put their lives on the line to protect us. I think that decision ought to be THEIRS, not that of some nameless, faceless bureaucrat somewhere.

TAX RATE 52%! If the tax hike planned when the government “takes over” the medical profession passes, while at the same time they “dump” Bush’s tax cuts, the “average” tax rate in this country, including state taxes, will be 52%! Of course, that doesn’t include county and city taxes.

PATIENTS WILL SUFFER: If the “health care reform (swindle) passes, fewer people will BECOME doctors and more current doctors will retire or go into research or teaching, which will cause a hardship, by itself, for patients. Add to that the loss of the right to make your own decisions on your own care, and you have a disaster even if it doesn’t cause costs to go up and service to suffer.

“REVENUE NEUTRAL”: Obama says he will not sign a “health care reform” bill that is not “revenue neutral.” That’s a blatant lie! There is NO WAY such a bill can be “revenue neutral.” To “take over” the medical care business will cost TRILLIONS of dollars, however they may disguise it; and those trillions WILL be paid by US. Count on it.

ARE YOU “PAYING ATTENTION?” I would hope people who read this kind of a blog ARE paying attention to politics. Most people don’t, until a few months before an important election. That’s why the liberals (Democrats) are in control in Washington. People are beginning to “wake up” to their mistake, but it is WAY too late. The damage Obama can do in just four years is amazing. And he’s “working like a beaver” to do as much damage (as are his accomplices) as he can, including “fixing” the next election, and maybe some beyond it.

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