Saturday, July 11, 2009

He Was "Confused"

Obama summarily fired an Inspector General after he accused the board over which he was Inspector General of being corrupt. Glenn Beck proved he was NOT senile, so what is Obama going to do now? Ignore it? Probably. That’s how he usually handles things he can’t answer, such as showing his birth certificate. Or he’ll say Beck’s test was not “official” so it doesn’t count.

RACISM ALWAYS: Ignorant liberals (white, black, and Hispanic) are quick to call ANYBODY who criticizes a member of any of these groups racist. They said when we elected a black man as president, that “ended” racism. But what it did was to give Obama, arguably the WORST president since Jimmy Carter the best comeback in the world to use against ANY criticism. Of course, those same people will call me a racist for this.

RUNNING OUT OF VICTIMS: I’ve said many times that if you loot your “producers” (those whose brainpower and production CREATE all wealth) there will come a time when there are no longer any producers to loot. If you want to see just whom to which I refer, look at liberal regimes such as the one in California today. Liberal California has been looting its producers unmercifully for many years, and now it’s “time to pay the piper.” California is BROKE. They’re paying their employees and other bills with IOUs because they don’t have any money. The U. S. doesn’t have any money either, but they can PRINT money and “stave off the inevitable” for a while. Check out other liberal-run governments such as Washington, DC and New York City, which are in similar straits.

SHUT UP, NANCY! Nancy Pelosi, after telling the press to stop asking her about her claim that the CIA lied to her because she just couldn’t answer the question, is now claiming that Leon Panetta, a fellow liberal and CURRENT CIA Director “admitted” that the CIA “sometimes misled her.” Even if he DID say such a thing, he doesn’t know. He wasn’t in the CIA in the time period she talks about. What he actually SAID was, “after an extensive internal review, we found that we may not have adequately briefed you on ONE MEETING.” That was used to say he ADMITTED the CIA lied. I think this woman, who lies almost as much as Obama, should just shut up. People with intelligence just don’t want to hear any more of her lies.

OBAMA CLAIMS CREDIT: After doing everything he could, with the help of his henchmen, to cause us to LOSE in Iraq, now he is claiming credit for our victory. He (and they) said the “surge” wouldn’t work and now it IS working, he says “our plan is working” and we are now able to turn their country back over to the Iraqis.” OUR plan? George BUSH’S plan, actually. But you’d never know that from his press releases.

OBAMA'S WAR ON PROSPERITY IS PROLONGING THIS RECESSION: “None of the claims about a recovery are panning out, and nothing Obama is doing – by running up deficits, borrowing and printing money -- is working. (Rush Limbaugh)

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