Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pre-Existing Conditions

There’s a good reason for not covering pre-existing conditions in selling life insurance. To cover them would be financial suicide. People could be told they’re dying in six months and go out and buy life insurance. When they died, they’d get paid. Obama says that will no longer happen, but his plan allows his people to DENY treatment to people who “might not live much longer anyway,” which you can translate to mean “old folks.” That sounds like a “pre-existing condition,” to me.

PRODUCER OR CONSUMER: Are you a producer or a consumer? Do you work and EARN your way? Or do you expect someone else to support you? A large part of out population do just that, and the “wanna-be-socialist” government we now have promotes it. One thing to remember: without PRODUCERS, the looters who supply support to the CONSUMERS would have nothing to loot. Yet they are constantly trying to discredit the producers and make it harder for them to produce new wealth. I wonder if these people have any idea what they’re doing?

WHO DROPPED THE CHARGES? Remember those two intimidating looking “Black Panthers” who were standing in the doorway at a polling place the day Obama was elected president? You know, the ones wearing “military-looking” black uniforms complete with nightsticks? They were arrested and charged with intimidating voters, but surprise, surprise, Obama’s “Justice” Department dropped the charges. The word is, the decision was made “at the highest levels,” probably meaning Obama himself. If they’d have been supporting McCain, they’d have probably been executed. Will we ever know who made that decision? I doubt it. They were clearly in violation of the law, but the charges were dropped.

STARVING FAT PEOPLE: Liberals are constantly complaining about how many people there are who are starving in this country. It’s a “hard sell” because we have such a problem with people who are obese. They never explain how there are so many obese people on welfare. And nobody (but me) asks how this can be. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, just go down to the local food bank and see how many overweight people come in for their free food.

SCARING SENIORS: Obama talks about opponents to his health care swindle “scaring seniors.” But the ones “scaring seniors” are Obama and everybody telling lies to promote his swindle. This is his usual scam to stop people from opposing his swindles. Accuse them of “scaring” people when it is HIM scaring” people to get them to agree to his swindles.

LIKE WWF: Michael Moore is like the World Wrestling Federation. Nobody believes he’s real any more, although he’s somewhat entertaining.

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