Monday, June 1, 2009

They're Used To It

If you’d have even suggested giving money to newspapers to “bail them out” in 2005, or about “bailing out the State of California, you’d have never been able to do it. But Obama took Bush’s original idea to “bail out” companies that were “too big to fail” and “ran with it,” going crazy with all the money he has given away. People have gotten used to it, and, “like the wind,” just ignore it. They don’t think it will effect them, but it will. Just wait until we have “double-digit inflation” again (as we did under Jimmy Carter) and their prices for EVERYTHING go “through the roof.”

LET ‘EM ROT: I just don’t care what happens to the Islamic terrorists imprisoned at Gitmo. They’re not there to be punished because they committed any crime. They’re there to KEEP THEM OFF THE BATTLEFIELD so they can’t kill more innocent people and swell the ranks of terrorist butchers. They HAVE no “rights.” They’re “prisoners of war” with no recognized country behind them. They wear no uniforms and kill wantonly for no better reason than their victims don’t believe the same way they do. Let them rot there for the rest of their miserable lives. I don’t care.

HELPING TERRORISTS RECRUIT: Obama is determined to close Gitmo and move terrorists to some of our prisons, where they can recruit some of the “misfits” there who blame the cops and the government for their imprisonment. Never mind they violated the law and wouldn’t have been bothered otherwise.

OUR “WUSSY” TECHNIQUES SAVED LIVES! Those “wussy” interrogation techniques so hated by the liberals saved many lives by getting valuable information out of the people who killed thousands of Americans. They’re really STUPID if they oppose them. The techniques they used were NOT “torture,” except by their silly definition.

NO WONDER THEY’RE GOING BROKE: The U. S. Post Office spends lavishly to “move” its employees to new locations. IN one case they spent $16,000.00 for an employee to “go house-hunting.” In another, they spent well over $2 million to buy a house for an employee, then a year later sold it at a loss of more than a million dollars As a result of a CNN investigation, no less, they put a “cap” of $800,000.00 on what they’ll pay for a new house for an employee.

“IT’S ONLY PLAY MONEY”: NASA said they don’t want to land the shuttle in California because it will cost a million dollars to ship the shuttle back to Florida. So what? It’s only “play money.” How many millions does it cost to keep the astronauts in space for extra days?

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