Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Obama Doing A Fine Job"

That statement was made by an imbecile. It came in on the local Denver Fox station’s “question of the day.” How ANYBODY with even a modicum of common sense and intelligence could make such a statement, I can’t fathom. He spent more money in his first three weeks than this country has spent since its INCEPTION, and on a “losing proposition.”. He has promised to close Gitmo with no plans in place as to what to do with the “bloody murderers” there. He doesn’t believe in the “war on terror.” He wants to “get out of the nuclear business” while insane dictators all over the globe are acquiring nuclear capabilities and could soon sell it to terrorists. I could go on and on, but I won’t My point is made.

TYPICAL OVERREACTION: At Princeton University they shut down the whole campus and put out a general warning after somebody saw a child carrying what turned out to be a toy plastic gun and wasted lots of cop’s time making a search. Look for them to demand a law be made against toy plastic guns on campus, too. That’s how they “gin up” support for their incompetent anti-gun laws.

CONSERVATIVE MEDIA “WANING?” That’s what the Los Angeles times says, ignoring the fact that it is “rising” in importance while its own (The Times) influence is, in fact, “waning.” All of liberal media is “waning.” Newspapers are folding all over. CNN is losing viewers apace, as are most liberal outlets while “conservative talk radio” is GAINING listeners at about the same pace. Liberal bias? What bias? It amazes me how brazenly these people can ignore the truth!

“EVERYBODY KNOWS”: This is a con used by many people to forestall arguments about the statement they’re about to make. The only problem is, usually “everybody” DOESN’T “know” what they’re about to say. They just want you to THINK they do, and not argue the point. Liberals use this con a lot.

REMEMBER TIENANMEN SQUARE: More than 2,000 Chinese died at Tienanmen Square when they demonstrated for freedom in a country where you will be KILLED for asking for freedom. Communist china criticizes us for “limiting debate” on things, but they don’t do that. They just KILL the debaters. That famous picture of ONE MAN holding up a line of tanks remains; but the man does not. He has never been seen nor heard from since. Knowing the Chinese communists, I’m surprised the tanks even PAUSED before running him over.

APOLOGIZING TO MUSLIMS: Obama has many times apologized to the Muslims for the things we have supposedly done to Islamic terrorists. But when have the Muslim TERRORISTS ever apologized to US for the things they have done to US? Until the Muslim terrorists apologize for the things they have done to US, Obama should just keep his mouth shut. Especially when he’s in Muslim territory.

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