Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things "Getting Better" for Women

That’s what they tell us about “women’s rights” in Muslim countries, but it’s a lie. Women can still be beheaded in some Muslim countries for minor “offenses” such as BRING raped by a man, while the man is not punished in any meaningful way. They can be whipped in public bny any stray passerby if he THINKS they are “violating” a “Muslim Law.” In Arabia, women still cannot drive a car. In MOST Muslim countries they must dress in the most demeaning way, lest another man besides their husbands desire them. This presupposes that they cannot resist the “attentions” of a man. They still don’t allow female children to be educated in most Muslim countries. Can anybody prove a single thing I’ve said wrong? With PROOF?

NEWSMAX GROWING, LIBERAL MEDIA WANING: While newspapers across the country are losing readers and closing, NewsMax, the prime magazine of the “conservative movement,” is growing apace. Their revenues recently grew from $19 million to $24 million while many liberal newspapers and magazines are wondering just how long they can last.

PRESIDENTIAL LIES: News Max calls it “presidential puffery,” but I like to “tell it like it is,” in words people understand. Obama is lying through his teeth when he says that “stimulus transportation projects were coming in ahead of schedule.” They aren’t. Most of them (2,000 of them) have yet to START.

DAMNED IF YOU DON’T/DO: Today you’re “damned if you don’t, and damned if you do.” Corona Del Mar High School temporarily canceled production of the “gay-themed” musical, “Rent” (Washington Times), but after they were sued by ACL”U for “contributing to a sexist and homophobic campus environment, they eventually allowed it to be produced. Now he’s being accused of “gay-bashing.”

“SAINT TED”: They’re still trying to make a saint out of Ted Kennedy, forgetting that he carelessly swam away and left his pregnant girlfriend to die after drunkenly driving his car into Chappaquiddick Bay. They’re now saying he is “the patriot saint of the unsung.” (Washington Post Editor Vincent Bzdek) What PAP! Kennedy should have been JAILED after that incident, instead of losing his driver’s license for six months (a minor “problem” to a man who is usually driven around in a limousine). When Kennedy dies it will truly be “the end of an era,” but not the kind of “era” I admire. We needed to “end his era” a long time ago.

BLAME THE RIGHT PEOPLE! Congress is “dumping on” Chrysler for closing dealerships OBAMA forced them to close. Congressmen who are miffed at their constituents losing a lot of money ought to blame the right people for this. They’re blaming private enterprise and capitalism for the “economic slowdown” when they should be blaming liberal DEMOCRATS, who CREATED it with their LAW (Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976) that FORCED lenders to loan money to deadbeats (a recipe for disaster).

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