Tuesday, June 16, 2009

92% Pay their Mortgage On Time

Why then, is the "mortgage problem" touted so highly? It’s obviously because it’s to Obama’s advantage to make the “problem” worse than it is. Even 8% is a “big number” and they’re doing a good job of exaggerating it while ignoring the fact that THEY created it by FORCING lenders to loan money to deadbeats.

WAL-MART ADDING 22,000 JOBS: Meanwhile, other companies are laying people off in big numbers. Why is that? Maybe because Wal-Mart has a “marketing plan” that actually MAKES money rather than LOSE it, as do other companies, mostly because of government interference and union contracts.

NOT A LAW: The IRS made a “bureaucratic edict” to treat health care benefits as “inputed income” and tax it. This was not voted on by Congress; they just “did it.” They merely changed the DEFINITION and made those benefits into income; by fiat. That’s how bureaucrats “rule” us.

DEMOCRATS THREATEN REPUBLICANS: They say, “Vote against Sotomayor at your peril.” I guess they think Republicans can be hurt by voting against a Hispanic, while Democrats cannot. Of course, their “captive media” doesn’t tell us about it when THEY do it (and they have done it, many times), but they “shout it to the skies” and editorialize about it if a Republican does it.

CUTS TAXES, BALANCES BUDGET: That’s what Texas did. In addition, they had $9 billion left over. Will this convince the Democrats that cutting taxes INCREASES their revenue? No way! They’re imbeciles and still deny what’s before their faces.

GIVE UP READING: One man got so tired of hearing about how bad smoking was for him, he quit; reading. Way too many people have gotten disgusted at constantly reading about the “troubles” in the world; so they quit; reading. Apparently, they think if they don’t know about it, it isn’t happening. Which is the main reason we are in so much trouble today. I used to think that way until I found out politics WOULD "pay attention to me!"

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