Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blatant Racism

Judge Sotomayor ruled in a racist fashion when she upheld a fire department’s decision to “throw out” the results of an officer’s test because no “minorities” passed it. This is discrimination against white people. Would she have ruled similarly if all those who PASSED it were black or Hispanic? And this is the woman Obama wants for our next lifetime appointment as Supreme Court Justice. I don’t care if she’s black, white, Hispanic, or Kerflufflian, she’s not qualified to be appointed to the Supreme court.

TASER DEATH: Several times lately cops have “Tasered” people who have subsequently died. News media calls them “Taqser deaths,” automatically blaming the stun gun when the victims actually died of other causes. In one case the cop stunned a naked an standing precariously on a ledge, who subsequently FELL to his death. We may find other “Taser” victims also died from other causes, as well. But don’t expect to hear about it in the media.

“AN ACT OF WAR”: that “pot-bellied dictator” in N. Korea obviously thinks a lot more of himself and his ability to fight a war against the United states than is real. If he irrationally “retaliates” when we rightfully search one of his ships to find the nuclear devices he is shipping, he and his “country” will soon become a “steaming pile.” I hope that doesn’t happen. But he’s obviously got a “death wish.”

“DOING THE RIGHT THING”: Democrats not unexpectedly say, uniformly, that President Obama is “doing the right thing” with regard to Iran. And they say it with a straight face, too! Surely they’re not ALL that stupid.

TWITTER: Some people make fun of “Twitter” and its adherents. But without Twitter and other sites like it, NO news would have come out of Iran as the Ayatollas murder their citizens for disagreeing with them.

PESTICIDES ARE BAD! That's what they say. But isn’t that the whole idea? If they weren’t bad for pests, what GOOD are they? So what if they’re bad for humans, too. Don’t use them on humans. Use them carefully and keep them away from humans. They banned DDT in most of the world to save a few lives lost by its careless use (rather than stop its careless use). So MILLIONS of people died of Malaria, which DDT had all but eradicated. Malaria is again a major problem because, while we DO have an effective pesticide that DID almost eradicate it, we refuse to use it. Stupid!

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