Sunday, June 28, 2009

Torturing Iranian Opposition

They’ve completely shut down the web site belonging to the Iranian opposition leader and are now torturing his associates in an effort to get then to say there was a “foreign conspiracy” to get rid of Ahmadjinijerk. Do they really think anybody will BELIEVE their coerced “confessions?”

TAKING JACKSON’S GOODS: They’re loading many boxes of goods taken from Michael Jackson’s house as fast as they can. Is it just because the landlord wants his stuff out of there as soon as possible? Or is it his “hangers-on” want to steal his property before anybody can stop them? Seems a little suspicious to me.

MY NEW BOOK IS OUT: My new book, “Pay ATTENTION to Politics!” is out, and should be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all other major booksellers within a couple of days. My feeling is that the reason we’re in such trouble now is that people who pay no attention to politics until a couple of months before an important election when the lies are flying elected this president, who is “working like a beaver” to destroy this economy and make us into a socialist nation.

“PARTIAL” RECOUNT: I’ve said several times that the Iranian Mullah’s offer to recount TEN PERCENT of the votes is ludicrous. Apparently they think people will believe they’ve actually GOTTEN a recount that way. They have a very low opinion of their citizens’ intelligence, apparently.

SUBTLE CONDITIONING: Liberals are everywhere. They’re also among the cartoonists our children read every day, and many of their comics subtly push political lies to our children so that, when they grow up, they believe the “liberal line.” A good recent example if the April 29 edition of “Sherman’s Lagoon” where a polar bear is getting some advice from Sherman the Shark about “evolution” since the “ice is melting in the Arctic (a lie).” Kids will read this and never realize it IS a lie. So when they get older, they’ll accept AlGore’s swindle as “truth.”

"FREE" HEALTH CARE? Sure. But it’s not free. It might be “free” to the user if the government is “paying” for it. But it’s NOT “free." SOMEBODY has to pay for it, and if it’s the GOVERNMENT, it’s YOU. There IS no such thing as “free health care. There is no such thing as “free” ANYTHING. If the government offers it to YOU ‘”free,” that means you and I, and a lot of other people have paid for it in taxes. Don’t buy it.

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