Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ruling AGAINST the Constitution

Sonjia Sotomayor ruled that the Constitution does NOT protect the right of Americans to be armed for self defense, when the Constitution clearly does no such thing. That decision is being appealed to the U. S. supreme Court, so she'll get a chance to rule on it again. Is this the kind of "intellectual" you want on the Supreme Court?

TERRORIST RECRUITMENT: Liberals keep saying everything we do to fight terrorism is “the top recruitment tool” for terrorists. So what should we do? Stop fighting them? Should we stop putting murderers in prison for the same reason? Gawd! How stupid people are!

DEATH RATES WILL GO UP SHARPLY: Obama and his henchmen want us to drive those tiny “put-putts” called cars he wants the automakers to make. Look for deaths from auto accidents to rise sharply in the future as more and more people are killed by big trucks and the numerous bigger cars that are still on the streets. Of course, Obama and his henchmen don’t care about that.

BANNING BIG CARS: When Obama starts getting criticized for forcing Americans to drive those tiny little cars that are “death traps” in accidents with the many bigger cars that will still be on the road for many years, he’ll probably BAN those bigger cars without making any arrangements for the people who will lose when he does, as he hasn’t done for the auto dealers who will lose BILLIONS because he forced them out of business with no compensation.

CALIFORNIA TELLS “AHNOLD” TO GO TO HELL: They voted against his six measures in such numbers that some of them didn’t even win ONE county.

OBAMA PUTTING SUCCESSFUL CAR DEALERS OUT OF BUSINESS: And I can’t figure out a single way the automakers can profit from telling their best customers (their successful dealers) to “go to hell.” You don’t make your business better by running business away. What stupidity!

IT AIN’T GONNA HELP: Several banks and other companies who got “TARP money” from Obama are raising money to pay it back to get out from under Obama’s “orders.” It ain’t gonna help. He’s got his “hooks” into them now, and he ain’t gonna let them go. He’s even talking about giving orders to companies who DIDN’T take the money. It’s all unconstitutional, but he doesn’t care.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Somebody tell me where in the Constitution, it says an American president OR Congress, can GIVE taxpayer money to business? I’m waiting.

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