Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama "Hits" Fox News

He says he “welcomes” people who “ask him tough questions.” Why then, does he not practice that? Fox is probably the ONLY TV network that DOES “ask him tough questions. The “favorable coverage” he gets elsewhere is NOT because of his administration’s “transparency.” His administration HAS no “transparency.” It’s because of the media’s “love affair” with him, which fox News does not share.

“BARACK THE FLY KILLER”: Obama killed a pesky fly that was bugging him during an interview with one hand. His “press flack” agreed that was “pretty amazing.” The press is treating it as if he “slayed a dragon.” Isn’t there anything more important for them to cover? Now PETA is “getting into the act” to get some attention for themselves. Actually, they’re doing themselves more harm than good by coming to the defense of an insect PEST.

REVERSE RACISM OUT OF CONTROL: Rush Limbaugh says it’s “the decline of a once-great empire” when a British bureaucrat ordered cops to stop white people WITHOUT “probable cause” to “equal” the number of black people similarly stopped and questioned. Next, they’ll get orders to CHARGE more white people without cause to “equal the number of black people CHARGED. After that, they’ll have to “equal” the number of white people CONVICTED of a crime. I predicted this a long time ago.

SUBTLE CONDITIONING: The cartoon that appeared on April 29 (So I’m behind on comic reading. So jail me!) pushes the AlGore “global warming” swindle by having Sherman the shark giving advice to a visiting polar bear who is grousing about the “ice melting” in the Arctic. The whole concept here is false The ice is NOT melting generally, and the small amount that is, is cyclical. And polar bears can swim for HUNDREDS of miles, so THAT’S not a problem. But kids read this and come to believe Al’s swindle as they grow up, making more millions for Al and his accomplices.

SC GOVERNOR MADE IT PUBLIC: The South Carolina governor (Mark Sanford) left his state with NO ONE knowing how to reach him to go down South and pursue his long-standing affair in Argentina. I don’t care much about his affair (though it DOES tell us a lot about his judgment just as Bill Clinton getting oral sex in the White House did about Clinton) But leaving his state “in the lurch” MAKES it a “public issue” and, in my opinion, makes Sanford a bad choice to run for president in the future. Not necessarily the affair, but going away without telling his staff where he was or how to reach him. Yes, he’s a Republican; and as such will come in for a LOT of criticism from Democrats where such actions only get support and excuses for Democrats similarly afflicted.

IRAN THUGS TAKE 2 HOSTAGES: The same thugs who took a bunch of American embassy people hostage back in Jimmy Carter’s time have AGAIN taken hostages. They’ve “arrested” and “convicted” two American journalists, and sentenced them to many years in prison. But I’d bet they’d “commute” their sentences and let them go if we “bent over and grabbed our ankles” in negotiations about their “nuclear program” and stopped criticizing their killing of demonstrators. Why do I say the “same thugs?” Because Ahmadinijerk was identified in photographs as being one of those hostage-takers, many years before he was “given” the presidency of Iran. I say “given” because in Iran, NO ONE the Mullahs don’t want in there ever gets elected to ANYTHING.

COMPUTER LOST ITS MIND: If anybody's worried about me, quit it. I'm not sick; my computer is. It apparently "lost its mind" last Sunday and I've been trying to get it fixed ever since. The result is that I now have a computer with more memory (the same one, just more memory), an "empty" hard drive and a "slave" hard drive with all my old files on it. Since I'm an inveterate "backer-upper," I didn't lose anything important and even though it's still doing some strange things, it does work (mostly).

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