Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"New Republic: " "Sotomayer A Bully"

Chuckie Schumer can't lie (although he'll try) and say the "New Republic" is a "conservative publication" as he "cherry-picks" his "facts" about their article in which they call her a "bully." Chuckie accused "conservative publications" of "cutting out" her remarks about "not agreeing" that superior courts are "where policy gets set," which they did not. I saw her entire statement on Fox (which they hate with a passion) and read it on News Max.

POWELL: “CHENEY MISINFORMED”: Colon (Oops, “Colin”) Powell says “Cheney was misinformed” when he said he thought Powell was a Democrat. He wasn’t. He was merely illustrating the fact that while Powell CLAIMS to be a Republican, he VOTES Democrat, and ACTS Democrat. It was an “offhand remark” made to make a point. Apparently Powell isn’t smart enough to know that. He thinks Republicans must “move to the left,” but that’s even more bull droppings. The Democrats need to “move to the right.”

HE SAID “BUSH IS WRONG”: Then why is he continuing so many of Bush’s policies? "For all that Obama says, he's continuing almost every Bush administration national security policy. He's increasing troop strength in Afghanistan, keeping warrantless searches and wiretaps of foreign terrorists -- and reserving the right to do enhanced interrogations." (Rush Limbaugh)

RESENTING ACHIEVEMENT: “Resentment motivates Obama: He looks at anyone who has achieved as being a thief. He wants to return the nation's wealth to its ‘rightful owners.’ " (Rush Limbaugh) Of course, he thinks “the rightful owners” are those who DIDN’T earn it. So don’t “strive to be rich.” Obama will take it away from you and give it to those guys who lounge on the “street,” smoking cigarettes (they always seem to be able to afford) and selling drugs to children. What I want to know is what he’s going to do for money to steal when he runs out of achievers?

“BOOMS CAUSE BUSTS?” Our new (tax-evading) Secretary of the Treasury says he “doesn’t want any more booms.” He seems to think booms CAUSE “busts.” Like birth causes death. Whatta jerk!

IT HAPPENED UNDER REPUBLICANS: Obama is making a “big thing” about Supreme Court nominee Sonjia Sotomayer’s “story” to “scotch” any opposition from Republicans. What they forget is that her “story” happened under Republican administrations. What they don’t think about otherwise, is that her “story” makes no difference to ANYBODY with any intelligence. What is important is, will she rule, using the CONSTITUTION as her guide?

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