Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obama "Hits" Fox

He says he “welcomes” people who “ask him tough questions.” Why then, does he not practice that? Fox is probably the ONLY TV network that DOES “ask him tough questions. The “favorable coverage” he gets elsewhere is NOT because of his administration’s “transparency.” His administration HAS no “transparency.” It’s because of the media’s “love affair” with him, which fox News does not share.

“BARACK THE FLY KILLER”: Obama killed a pesky fly that was bugging him during an interview with one hand. His “press flack” agreed that was “pretty amazing.” The press is treating it as if he “slayed a dragon.” Isn’t there anything more important for them to cover? Now PETA is “getting into the act” to get some attention for themselves. Actually, they’re doing themselves more harm than good by coming to the defense of an insect PEST.

REVERSE RACISM OUT OF CONTROL: Rush Limbaugh says it’s “the decline of a once-great empire” when a British bureaucrat ordered cops to stop white people WITHOUT “probable cause” to “equal” the number of black people similarly stopped and questioned. Next, they’ll get orders to CHARGE more white people without cause to “equal the number of black people CHARGED. After that, they’ll have to “equal” the number of white people CONVICTED of a crime. I predicted this a long time ago.

COPS “TURNING A BLIND EYE”: According to an Iranian citizen who talked on the phone to a Fox News broadcaster, not all the cops in Iran are “dutifully” beating the hell out of demonstrators. Some are simply “looking the other way.” Looks like some just can’t stomach the crap their “leaders” are putting out.

NO GUTS, NO GLORY: President Reagan came right out and told the communist dictator in Russia and Eastern Europe to “take down this wall!” But when our current president, Barack Obama, got a similar chance to “stand up for freedom,” he says, “We don’t want to be seen as ‘meddling’ in Iran’s affairs.” That’s about as WIMPY a response to brutal violence and murder as I’ve seen in the Oval Office. He wants to “meddle” in YOUR private affairs, but he “doesn’t want to be seen as meddling” in Iran. What a JERK we have running this country! He’ll probably “bend over and grab ankles” for N. Korea, too. And that “pot-bellied dictator” will screw him as he has other ignorant Democrat presidents.

"CLONING" A DOT TRUCK: IN Texas, pot smugglers "cloned" a DOT (Department of Transportation) truck, but were caught by a sharp-eyed cop who wondered why it had a private plate, not a state plate. The truck was stuffed with pot and they found a literal WALL of money in their shop. Not too swift, huh?

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