Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Obama is God"

On a recent television show, Time Magazine’s Evan Thomas said, “Obama is like a God.” If this doesn’t convince you that the media is “in the bag” for Obama, there’s no hope for you.

CUTTING THE BUDGET IN HALF? That’s what Obama is saying he’s going to do, while he gaily spends money like it was water, printing more than anyone ever has before, which WILL create inflation like you’ve never seen before. If he thinks he can “cut the budget in half” the way he’s spending, he’s more stupid than even I thought he was.

LET’S NOT DWELL ON THE PAST: That’s the scam used by politicians (mostly liberals) when they’re “caught out” and just don’t want to talk about it. So they tell you “not to dwell on the past, but look to the future.” What a LOAD! I want to know about the PAST, which will tell me what they’ll do in the FUTURE. Like Pelosi did when she told the press to stop asking about her lie conserning the CIA “lying” to her (which she never proved). Of course, they promptly and obediently stopped asking her about it.

“CZARS ARE OBAMA” The “secretaries” of various things must be approved by the congress and are subject to congressional oversight. Czars are not. They’re answerable ONLY to the president, who happens to be Obama. These people usurp the authority of Obama’s Cabinet without being responsible to ANYONE but Obama. They’re DICTATORS. This is how Obama is going to have absolute CONTROL of EVERYTHING. Everything he has been doing is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. We say that, but nobody seems to care.

“BEATING THEM TO IT”: They’re now selling a bumper sticker saying, “If al-Qaida wants to destroy America as we know it, they’d better hurry. Obama’s beating them to it!” (The Patriot Depot) Talk about a “basic truth!”

SOMETHING IN COMMON: Rush says, “What do God and Barack Obama have in common? “Neither have a birth certificate.” What is different about them? “God doesn’t think he’s Obama.”

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