Sunday, June 7, 2009

Government Tells You when You Can Smile

I think it is California where they bar you from smiling when they take your picture for a driver's license. I'm surprised they think they need this ban because (they say) "facial recognition software" can better recognize you if you aren't smiling. In California, I'm sure not very many people WANT to smile with the highest tax base in the nation, the highest unemployment numbers, and their governor threatening to cut off funds for police and fire services instead of that for studying the sex life of the Tse-tse Fly, while companies are RUNNING to other states to do business.

TOO MANY “CZARS”: It took the Russians 400 years to create 22 “czars.” It has taken Obama just a few months. A “czar” has many (unconstitutional) powers legislators are not allowed to have, such as putting successful businesses OUT of business by sending them a simple e-mail. This is a massive power-grab by Obama and his accomplices. Is anybody going to do anything about it? Probably not. Most Americans don’t even REALIZE what this means. They’re not “paying attention.”

OBAMA LIKE REAGAN? That’s what I’ve heard. But it’s an ignorant statement. Yes, both Obama and Reagan are/were good “communicators.” But there the similarity ends. Reagan wanted to give our rights BACK to us, while Obama wants them for himself. Reagan LOWERED the tax rate and almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” Obama has pledged to REVERSE the tax cuts Bush gave us (which also increased the “tax take,” and raise taxes “willy-nilly,” to pay for as much of his spending as he can. Obama like Reagan; what a SILLY concept! (Thanks; I needed a good laugh) He’s not even like FDR, which I would consider an insult.

UNIONIZATION FOR WAL-MART? When Wal-Mart runs an ad to hire a few people, they get THOUSANDS of applications. They have people lined up around the block if they have ONE opening. What possible help could a union be? Many companies have unionized, but it hasn’t made enough difference in their wages to even PAY the union dues! Wal-Mart brings us products at a price we can afford. If they were forced (by a union) to pay the kind of wages GM was forced to pay its workers, they couldn’t do that. Don’t mess that up. They talk about Wal-Mart people being “underpaid.” But from what I’ve heard, they are paid a lot better than some other companies I could mention.

JAPANESE UNIONIZATION: People talk about Japan being highly unionized while “doing okay.” What they don’t realize is that the Japanese don’t think like we do. Their entire lives are bound up in “the company.” Without “the company,” they’re nobody. We don’t even know the TERMS of their contracts, but some of us say “unionization” is a good thing, using them as an example. Some companies in the U. S. are unionized and do okay. But what kind of TERMS are they working under? I hope not the kind that GM was forced to approve in “good times.”

WHERE IS THE GOP? We have 9.2% unemployment. If we had that kind of unemployment under a Republican, the Democrats would be “screaming to high heaven!” Why aren’t the Republicans? If we don’t do something we’re going to be into “DOUBLE-DIGIT” unemployment, with similar inflation numbers, as we had under Jimmy Carter (another incompetent Democrat).

UNMITIGATED STUPIDITY: I marvel at the STUPIDITY of the things Obama is doing. How such an ignorant man ever became president is beyond me. Maybe it’s because incompetence is a “requirement” to be a successful Democrat (liberal).

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