Saturday, June 6, 2009

Does Obama Have A Death Wish?

All the “nut jobs” in the world (such as Kim Jong Il and Ahmadjinidajerk) are getting nukes, and Obama is talking about “getting out of the nuclear business.” What’s WRONG with this guy? Does he want to commit national suicide I knew he was an idiot, but I didn’t know he was that much of an idiot.

N. KOREA “CRUISIN’ FOR A BRUISIN’ ”: Idiot dictator Kim Jong Il is getting more and more obstreperous all the time. Maybe his stroke further “boiled his brain.” Maybe one of his generals should get rid of a few medals on his chest so he can move fast enough to take over and “rein in” this idiot. He’s going to get a lot of people killed, with his insistence on thinking he can take on the United states with a few nukes. Does he forget we have a LOT more nukes than he does?

NATIONALIZING GENERAL MOTORS: Obama has done it; he has effectively NATIONALIZED General Motors and is working on doing the same to Chrysler. "Effectively nationalizing the company, the United States is expected to own 70% of General Motors with most of the rest of the company in the hands of a union trust fund." (Heritage Foundation) Where the hell does he get the idea that a UNION, fergawdsakes, can OWN a large part of the company for which it represents the WORKERS? The union is supposed to be an APPONENT of the company in negotiations. I’m waiting for the next strike against GM (if there is any).

FRUSTRATING BUSINESS: This is really a frustrating business I’m in; trying to alert people to the many ways the liberals are screwing them every day, and which they don’t notice because they aren’t paying attention. There are so MANY scams and schemes operating at any given time, I could sit at this computer typing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and not begin to cover even a few of them. This is why the liberals are winning. There’s NO WAY we can even KNOW about all their scams and schemes, let alone stop them. The only way we can win is to vote these bastards out at every opportunity and hope they don’t STEAL the election, anyway.

“EXPERTS SURPRISED”: Why Are “the experts” always surprised when the economic news is better than they told you it would be? Mainly because they aren’t really “experts,” but are pushing the Democrat line, which will inevitably lead us into socialism if Obama has his way.

IT CAN’T LAST: The trouble with socialism is it DEPENDS on stealing money from those who EARN it and giving it to those who DON’T. But after a while you run out of “other people’s money” and have to PRINT “counterfeit money,” our great, great grandchildren will have to repay. Obama is already doing it. The time for the collapse is getting nearer with every dollar he prints.

CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS: Our “smartest people in the world” (the Democrats) try to make us think there are more people starving than there are. At the same time they whine and whimper about the “obesity problem” in this country. I see many people on welfare, and lots of them are overweight, even FAT. They’re right; we DO have an “obesity problem.” But what does that do to their theory that way too many people in this country are starving? They can’t be! Welfare feeds them very well. Their physiques tell the tale.

OBAMA APOLOGIZES TO MUSLIMS: He’s going to Egypt to try and “repair relations with Muslims.” But our fight is NOT with Muslims. Our “relations with Muslims do not NEED “repair.” “ Our fight is with EXTREMIST Muslims who want to KILL anybody who doesn’t believe the same way they do. If ANYBODY needs to apologize, it is the “extremist Muslims” embodied by al Qaida and other such extremist organizations who have been gaily going around killing innocent people “in the name of Allah.”

PRAVDA “KNOCKING” MARXISM: I couldn’t believe it when I heard about the Pravda story recognizing the fact that America is “sinking” into Marxism! This is incredible! Whatever they can use to make fools out of their citizens, they will do. A country RUN by Marxists for more than 70 years, now KNOCKING’ Marxists and Marxism! Wow!

HOPING TO “SPARK” SALES: GM (Government Motors) is hoping to “spark” sales of their new, government-owned line of “teeny-tiny” cars with their “premier” non-gas-guzzler, “the Spark.” It looks suspiciously like that foreign “teeny car,” that they imported to take advantage of the market they HOPE will be created by Obama’s intent to “make more green cars.” Never mind that the currently existing “green cars” aren’t selling because nobody wants them. They ARE still making the Camaro, which itself gets 30 MPG (amazingly). I’ll be watching the sales figures between them closely. I won’t be buying any of those “teeny cars,” some of which aren’t even heavy enough to trip the turn light switch at intersections and have to wait for a heavier car to come along to change the light. I hear they put a handle in the top so you could carry them inside with you and save parking costs.

MUSLIM PRISONERS; “AMERICANS WORSE THAN NAZIS”: They asked Muslim extremists in Gitmo what they thought of Americans and they answered, ”Americans are worse than Nazis” or words to that effect. Does anybody CARE about the opinion of Muslim extremists whose only goal is to defame America? I have to laugh at the whole idea of asking them such a question and actually PUBLISHING seriously their answer!

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? The Chinese Muslims for whom Obama authorized release from Gitrmo asked a “fateful question:” “What’s the difference between communism and democracy?” Boy, if THAT doesn’t show their ignorance, nothing else can.

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