Sunday, June 14, 2009

Obama in Cairo

My only comment on his speech in Cairo is, "God help us!" He praised the extremist terrorists, belittled the “war in Iraq” (which was necessary to take away at least one “sanctuary” for terrorists and rescue a people from the depredations of a madman) and slammed the Israelis, telling them to stop building their “settlements” and agree to a “separate Palestinian state,” forgetting that they have OFFERED such a state many times and it has been rejected because the Palestinians don’t want it. They want a world without Israel or Jews in it and will “settle” for nothing less.

OBAMA LOVERS: They’re clearly not critical thinkers. Or they would be incensed by the things he’s doing. Such things as destroying the businesses and lives of successful GM dealerships by forcing GM to summarily yank their franchises WITHOUT buying back their millions of dollars in inventory. Inventory they bought and paid for, depending on GM to support their efforts. People SAY Obama is doing these things “for the good of the country.” Can anybody explain to me HOW this IS “for the good of the country?”

TASERING GRANNY: A policeman “Tasered” a 71-year-old “granny” who wasn’t doing what she was told. This cop TOWERED over this tiny woman. What earthly reason would he have to use a Taser on her? She probably weighed 90 pounds, “sopping wet.” He had to go 250 or MORE pounds. Tell me he couldn’t have EASILY controlled her WITHOUT taking a chance on KILLING her? I’m 6’ tall, and weigh almost 200 pounds. But he could easily control ME because of my age and infirmities. I hope I never meet him. I might not survive his overreaction to opposition.

IT’S “GETTING THIN”: There’s going to come a time (soon) when Obama will no longer be able to lyingly blame everything on Bush and his other predecessors. The bad things that happen are going to be easily traceable to HIS decisions and actions and people will stop believing his lies. That can only be good.

PAY CZAR: One of the 22 “czars” Obama has appointed to run your life is the “pay czar” who will have the authority to tell your employer how much (or little) he may pay you. Do you want a “faceless bureaucrat” to be able to CONTROL your pay? Get RID of Obama and ALL his henchment!

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