Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Insulting Our Intelligence

Today, that’s what they’re doing. It does insult our intelligence to think printing “play money” to give to large corporations who were hurt by the Democrats’ scheme to get Obama and many other Democrats elected by destroying the economy by FORCING lenders to lend money to people they KNEW were “deadbeats.” (A “recipe for disaster.”) But they think they can convince us that’s not true.

“MAKING NICE” ON OUR SOLDIERS: The Obama crowd are currently “making nice” on our soldiers after YEARS of putting them down and saying such things as “they only join because they can’t find jobs elsewhere.” He forgets the unemployment numbers are MUCH WORSE since he forced automakers to dump successful dealerships, and laying off thousands of employees; and for no discernible reason. While Bush was in office, the unemployment numbers were great, until Obama’s henchmen (such as Barney Frank and Chris Dodd) were able to “kill the economy” by forcing lenders to loan money to deadbeats.

INSULTING ALL RETIREES: Obama’s people have insulted ALL retirees by referring to Dick Cheney (our former vice-president) as a “has-been.” What the hell are they THINKING? I am one of those “has-beens,” TWICE. I am now in my “third incarnation” as a blogger and book writer (2 books now), while marketing the FIRST viable synthetic lubricants for automotive use.

CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK: Obama is criticizing the MILITARY for “wasting money.” This from the president who spent more money in his first three weeks than the entire country has spent since its inception! Look for “racist-hunters” to criticize ME for “saying” the word “black” while describing Obama.

OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA! I don’t know which is worse, seeing Obama’s face, or his rear end, on national magazines, as on the covers of the latest Newsweek and Time Magazines. These two covers are the SEVENTEENTH covers to carry the image of one or the other, either Barack or his wife. I’m getting so tired of it, I look away from the magazine rack when I go into a store lest I be forced to look at his mug (or hers) again. They’re “fawning” over them, like they did over Gore some time ago. Remember the cover where they enhanced his “basket” with an air brush?

“ONLY WHEN NECESSARY”: Obama says he “will not send soldiers in to danger unless it is necessary.” Apparently, “B. O.” (Obama) doesn’t think the war in Iraq is a “necessary war.” He doesn’t connect it with the wider “war on terror.” What IGNORANCE that shows. And this is our PRESIDENT! He DOES think Afghanistan is important, so he’s sending even more troops there. Will he recognize the importance of helping Pakistan fight off the Islamic terrorists who are threatening to take over the government there, and control of their nuclear armaments? Probably not. He’s not smart enough.

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