Thursday, June 18, 2009

Assasinate Jimmy carter?

Why would anybody want to? Especially in the Middle East, where he is so easy to fool (Of course, he's easy to fool anywhere)? He's just a "doddering old fool" who blundered into one term as President of the United States and made such a collosal fool of himself and AND the country they "got rid of him" as soon as they could. I think the "attempt" was faked to keep him in the news.

SPEAKING OF FOOLS: We’re well into the (hopefully) one term of yet another fool who blundered into the presidency because the Democrats thought he was “sufficiently dumb” to do what they wanted, which was make this into a socialist nation. But they didn’t contend with the DEPTH of his stupidity. One example: with insane dictators all over the world gaining nuclear capability, he wants to “get out of the nuclear business. What a “glittering jewel of colossal ignorance!” Liberals the world over HATED George Bush with a passion, but could not say WHY. But that’s not a problem with us. He has given us many reasons to have no use for him.

“MEAN-SPIRITED”: Liberals call anybody on the other side “mean-spirited,” but they ignore the “mean-spirited” cracks liberals routinely make about conservatives; such as the ones David Letterman made about Sarah Palin, for which he has repeatedly apologized, and which caused Palin to “forgive him.” Not so for another talk show host who made nasty cracks about a black sports team (Don Imus). Liberals STILL wanted him FIRED, and he was. He has since gone back to work, but his remarks made a significant difference in his life. Why shouldn’t the same thing happen to Letterman? Maybe because “he’s too big to fail,” huh?

ALGORE’S “DOOMSDAY CLOCK”: Al Gore has been saying we’ve “only got ten years left” before global warming kills us all for almost 20 years. But nobody seems to notice, not even Al! some of the people I have considered to be intelligent have even “bought” Al’s swindle. Such people as Newt Gingrich, George Bush, etc. Why are people not more intelligent? Mostly because they just don’t pay attention. Even people who make laws to tell us how to live.

SOMEBODY’S GOTTA PAY: People think just because THEY don’t have to pay for something (such as universal health care) it’s free. It’s not. Somebody has to pay for it, and when the government “takes over,” it’s YOU. Maybe not directly, but through higher taxes (or fees, or whatever else they call it to fool you). If YOU don’t pay for it, they’ll get it from you somehow, mostly by lousy service or rationing. Or ridiculously high charges such as $12 for an aspirin. And in universal health care, you can DIE if you’re not properly cared for.

JIMMY CARTER WANTS HAMAS REMOVED FROM TERRORIST LIST: Wonder why? Forget all the killing of Israelis they’ve done (mostly by accident, since they can’t seem to properly aim their rockets). Maybe because Hamas “discovered” the roadside bombs that “somebody” set in his path (Maybe because THEY put it there?). Is it that easy to fool Jimmy? I guess so.

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