Sunday, July 31, 2011

Right Out of "Atlas Shrugged"

An Alabama businessman told Obama, “I quit.” And many others are also quitting without a lot of fanfare. They’re tired of working and earning money and having it stolen from them by the liberals in this government. Soon, there will be more and more people stop using their brains to enrich the world while liberals penalize them for it, tax them at higher rates, and frankly STEAL their earnings. I did it a long time ago. All I do now that requires brain power is to tell the truth about what liberals are doing, for the few that listen and DO something about it.

MICHELLE OLBAMA HAS NO POWER: She spends a lot of time knocking things like McDonald’s “Happy Meals,” and McDonald’s, true to form, have responded by putting only half as many fries in a “Happy Meal” and adding some apples. They didn’t have to do that because Obama’s wife is just that: Obama’s wife. She holds NO “official office” and has NO power to enforce her “dictates.” McDonald’s should probably ignore her rants.

WEAK RESPONSE: White House press flack Jay Carney has gotten so tired of being “called” on his weak responses about Obama’s economic plan (or lack of it) that he now relies on cheap personal attacks on members of the press corps (not “corpse”). Resorting to name-calling to avoid answering uncomfortable questions is a normal Democrat system. Most especially Fox reporters, which the White House hates with a passion. Fact is, Obama HAS no “plan,” though he claims to have one he won’t “detail.”

CARNEY SAYS OBAMA WINNING: He says it, but he can’t “detail” the ways in which Obama IS “winning.” Mostly because Obama is NOT “winning,” although he wants people to THINK he is. He hopes maybe to ACTUALLY win that way, by convincing the malleable press he is.

THE ONLY PROVEN WAY TO INCREASE REVENUE: Tax reduction. It has done so EVERY time it has been tried. Reagan did it and not only almost DOUBLED the “tax take” in the next few years, it created one of the longest lasting, SUSTAINED economic booms we’ve seen in recent years. Increasing taxes has consistently REDUCED the “tax take” every time IT has been tried.

WINNERS DON’T COMPROMISE: Democrats (the losers in 2010) whimper about “no compromise” on the part of the GOP. But why SHOULD they? They WON. Winners don’t compromise with losers. Losers compromise with WINNERS. It’s a fact of life—except with Democrats, who want everybody to compromise with THEM, no matter what—and it ain’t agonna happen.

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