Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The "Washington Circus"

What’s going on in Washington now is a “circus.” A “dog and pony show” designed to make Americans THINK they’re actually DOING something. I think they already know what they’;re going to do (this was written before they made their "agreement"), and will “:unveil” it at the last minute and “avoid a disaster.” (So what did I say?) Democrats will take credit and Republicans will let them. Another con will have happened, and gullible Americans will not know it.

CUT COSTS NOW—NEW TAXES LATER: We’ve fallen for the Democrat “line” many times in the past, where they PROMISE to cut costs later, after we allow them to raise taxes NOW. But the promised cost reductions never come. We’ve fallen for this many times; so many times the Democrats don’t hesitate to use it. Reagan fell for it, Bush I fell for it, and Bush II fell for it. Now the Republicans in Congress have fallen for it. Consequently, all of them got blamed for increased spending the Democrats did.

CONSERVATIVES ARE THE MAINSTREAM: Democrats (liberals) try and paint conservatives as “the fringe,” but they’re not. This is a conservative country, but the liberals are so good at conning them it’s hard to tell. The Democrat Party is a party of con men and the best con man is now at the top. We need to stop “buying” their cons and get RID of them.

MALLEABLE CONSTITUTION: The liberals (Democrats) think the Constitution can be changed at their whim. They call it a “living document.” It is NOT. The method for changing the Constitution is written right IN the Constitution, and may not be changed by ANY other method, no matter WHAT the liberals say.

PRES CANNOT RAISE DEBT CEILING HIMSELF: Democrats think the 14th Amendment allows the president to raise the debt ceiling ON HIS OWN, without the concurrence of Congress. It does NOT. If he does it anyway and leaves it to the courts to decide, he should be impeached.

IMPEACHMENT SHOULD BE AN OPTION: Many presidents (often with the cooperation of Congress) have “bypassed” the Constitution in many of their actions, and many of them have not been questioned. There should be an option for automatic impeachment of a president, OR congressman who “bypasses” the Constitution, and HOPE somebody will enforce it.

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