Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gore Sez "Reject Mistruths"

About global warming. Okay, Al; I’ll start by rejecting every word that comes out of your mouth because it will be a “mistruth,” otherwise known as a LIE. What happened to your new name for your scam (climate change)? You know, the one designed to allow you to use even COLD weather as proof of your scam. It amazes me how you can call people who tell the truth about your swindle liars with a straight face, when lies are all that come out of your mouth.

LEAVING THINGS TO THE LAST MINUTE. Obummer is criticizing Congress for “leaving things to the last minute,” when it is HIM who does it the most. How many months (years) has it been since Obummer offered a real budget? Oh; I forgot. . . . NEVER. And he’s criticizing Congress for doing what HE does best? Oh; I forgot. That’s the Democrat way.

SCARED TO DEATH OF PALIN: You can always tell who frightens Democrats the most. It will be the person of whom they’re the most critical. In this case, Sarah Palin. They take “pot-shots” at her at every opportunity. The latest (as this is written) is in Doonesbury the other morning.

HOLDING “OLD FOLKS” HOSTAGE: Even though the current argument over raising the debt limit will NOT effect the distribution of Social Security money unless Obama ORDERS the checks not to be sent out so as to anger senior citizens, he’s threatening to not send the checks to those who need them desperately since they now DEPEND on those checks to pay their daily bills. And that money is NOT “welfare” and subject to the whim of a president. It is THEIR MONEY, taken from them at the “point of a gun” all their lives (and if you don’t believe that “point of a gun” reference, just TRY and not pay into Social Security).

ANY EXCUSE: Now they want to take kids away from their parents if they’re overweight. There’s no law that allows this, but they’re doing it anyway, as they usually do. The “child protectors” will use ANY excuse to take your kids and place them in “foster care” (another word for prison) and you will never know what happens to them from there. Many years ago, they stole my two boys with NO charges against me and I’ve not seen, nor heard from them since. They might as well be dead.

CUTS FIRST: I’m going to repeat this again, because it NEEDS repeating, over and over again so people will remember it. Giving in and allowing new taxes on the PROMISE of “cuts later” is such a common Democrat scam I shouldn’t even have to say this. Reagan fell for it after his tax rate cuts almost DOUBLED the “tax take” and the Democrats SPENT a dollar and a half for every dollar of new revenue that came in. Bush (the elder) fell for it and lost his job. Now they’re trying it on Congress and the Republicans. Be warned. Be aware.

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