Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Obama Blames GOP (What Else Is New?)

When it’s HIS “sacred cows” that are being protected. The GOP wants to REDUCE the size of government, period, and reduce the cost of government. He wants to INCREASE the size of government and suck more and more money out of us in the middle of a recession CREATED by his people (CRA Pub.L. 95-128, title VIII of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1977, 9 Stat. 1147, 12 U.S.C. § 2901) to get him and many other Democrats elected.

WHAT IS IT? FAT OR THIN? Not a day goes by without the liberals running a free ad about overweight kids and how they worry so much about that. Right behind that comes one about kids who are “starving to death,” right here in “good ol’ America.” Which is it, liberals? Are you worried about fat kids or kids starving? I don’t think you’re really worried about either. This is just your way of scamming us out of more money and more power.

“LOST HIS LEGITIMACY”: I hear it all the time: some dictator, somewhere, who has spent years killing everybody who disagreed with him, facing a rebellion against him. And the United States government saying, ”he has lost his legitimacy.” They said that about Moammmarrr Khhhadddddaffyyy (however he spells it this week) and that’s what they say about the Syrian dictator who has been openly murdering demonstrators against him. I say they never HAD any “legitimacy” and should have been removed from office and strung up a long time ago. Maybe I’d better include Obama on that list, because he has DEFINITELY “lost his legitimacy.” Though I wouldn’t want to be involved in “stringing him up.” You feds monitoring this blog, don’t take that as a threat against “The One,” because it isn’t. I wouldn’t waste my time on him.

ON THE BACKS OF OLD FOLKS: Obama has pulled the “hurt old folks” arrow out of his quiver now. He says he can’t guarantee Social Security checks will go out August 3rd if the borrowing limit is not increased. What a load of stinky brown stuff! It’s a typical Obama lie. The only way that will happen is if Obama expressly ORDERS it, and somehow the Social Security Administration (part of the most inefficient bunch ever) can scramble quickly enough to stop the checks from going out. Further, if that happened, there’d be a REVOLUTION and I’d lead it!

‘GIVE A LITTLE BIT MORE”: Obama sez “the rich” (not including him, of course) ought to be willing to “give a little bit more.” Why? He spent the money and didn’t ask “the rich” for permission to spend their money. So why should they be willing to “give a little bit more?” He never mentions rich liberals, who didn’t EARN their riches, but inherited them from “daddy.” He just wants to take more from those who EARN their money.

CLOSEUPS: I smoked for 45 years before I got tired of it and quit; without help. Just stopped smoking one day 20 years ago. But it still pains me when I see the media’s treatment of ANY kind of story about smoking. They show extreme closeups of people’s mouths with smoke coming out, or them sucking on a cigarette. It’s insulting, and demeaning; and unnecessary. Should we show extreme closeups of them drinking beer or wine? Or whatever else they do in place of smoking? Sheesh! Most of them smoke pot. How about some close-ups of them smoking pot?

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