Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jumping to a Conclusion

al-Jazeera accuses Americans of “jumping to the conclusion” that, since almost EVERY terrorist act in this country recently has been committed by a Muslim terrorist, that ALL terrorists are Muslims. That is INCORRECT. It is MOSTLY Muslims that have committed terrorist acts in the United states recently. That is NOT “jumping to a conclusion,” it is accepting FACTS.

TEA PARTY AMERICAN HEZBOLLA: That’s how Tom Friedman of the New York Times views it. It amazes me how people like Friedman can think like they do and still get high paying jobs in media. Maybe it’s because the media believes the same way and are willing to pay them for their lies. He doesn’t present any comparisons, just makes that unsupported statement, hoping gullible Americans will believe him and not “run him out of town on a rail.” I guess the media hitting the Tea Parties hard means they are being effective. The liberals just can’t stand an organization that is effective in countering their lies.

TEA PARTY PEOPLE ARE “REAL PEOPLE”: The Democrats WISH they weren’t. They WISH they were a “fringe group,” then they wouldn’t have to worry about them. If they’re ‘not real people,” how did they send 87 new members to Congress in 2010 and change the dynamic in Washington completely? The Tea Parties are NOT a “narrow element.” They represent a large segment of society and they’re “fed up and aren’t going to put up with liberal crap any more!” They are NOT, as many liberals say, “out of touch.” They are, in fact, the only group in Washington who ARE “in touch.”

EMPTY MONEY: Obama has given $100 billion dollars we don’t have to the UN. I think he actually BELIEVES the money the Fed has manufactured out of THIN AIR is real! Maybe they do, too. But if I manufactured money like the Fed has done, he’d send me to prison as a counterfeiter! How is his crime any different from one I’d be committing if I printed up trillions of dollars in “Monopoly money?

WHAT KIND OF FOOLS ARE THESE? Obama SAYS he “has a plan.” But he won’t give anybody any details of what that plan contains. His “press hack” even gets into arguments with press members about him having a plan while he STILL won’t tell us what his plan is. Do people really believe he has a plan? I don’t. And I won’t until he tells us what’s IN his plan. Then I won't believe it until it is signed into law.

“CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN”: The president told America that “If they don’t like what’s happening in Washington, to ‘call their congressman’.” . . .WHAT? Has he quit? Has he no responsibility for the imbecilic happenings in Washington? What a damned poor excuse for a president he is!

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