Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Rich Pay MOST Taxes

Did you know that when Obama took office, little more than 40% of homes contained taxpaying citizens? And that today, 51% of citizens pay NO taxes? That the “rich” pay ALMOST ALL TAXES paid? That’s something liberals would rather you didn’t know, but according to the IRS itself (the figures released for the latest tax year), 86% of ALL taxes are paid by the top 25% of all taxpayers. I hate to keep repeating this, but it’s true.

HARRY LIES AGAIN: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) scorned Republicans the other day in the Senate, while telling many lies about them and the way they operate. Meanwhile, he ignores the silly crap he and other Democrats are doing; things which are making this recession worse while telling the country it’s getting better without any evidence.

NOT A SINGLE PROMISE KEPT: I know; I know; most politicians don’t keep many of the promises they make during their campaign to attain the office for which they’ve run, but Obama hasn’t kept a SINGLE ONE. One of the best known was to “close GITMO,” and he hasn’t come near to doing so. His excuse? Too many legal ramifications. Another is “ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” and he has been INCREASING our involvement in both places without giving the generals what they really want to win the war. I hope it doesn’t kill too many soldiers when he DOES withdraw those 30,000 troops.

CLINTON DIDN’T BALANCE BUDGET: A lot of people think Clinton balanced the budget and, indeed, he brags that he did; but he didn’t. He only “fiddled the numbers” by including Social Security money in his figures so he could SAY he “balanced the budget. And he was FORCED by Republicans to do even that much.

CREATING JOBS: Obama talks a lot about “creating jobs,” but the government can only be an OBSTACLE to job creation by the private sector, which is where jobs ARE created; the ONLY place where they CAN be created. By raising taxes, he increases the OBSTACLES to the creation of jobs. By increasing the regulation of the private sector, he increases the obstacles more.

“TAXING THE RICH”: That’s something liberals (including Obama) talk about a lot. But that’s one of the best ways to KILL business and make the economy worse because “The rich” are the ONLY source of investment money to create projects that DO create jobs, as well as more taxable income, which gives the government more money. If they taxed millionaires 100%, they’d destroy them, and get enough money (once) to run the government for (maybe) one year. How STUPID are these liberals (Democrats)?

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