Saturday, July 23, 2011

Repeating Myself

Yes, I do. I repeat things all the time because that’s the only way some people are going to remember important things. I repeat important points, over and over again so people will remember them. Using the “spaced repetition” method, I hope to make people remember some of the important points I’m bringing to them.

“WOMEN & MINORITIES HARDEST HIT” You see this phrase often in the news. Liberals use it constantly to emphasize what they think are bad things happening, and who will be affected by them. But it is usually a lie when they say it.

TRADE ONE CONTROL FOR ANOTHER: MSNBC’s Martin Bashir thinks the government should take over and control media because Rupert Murdock SEEMS to be controlling the media, at least in Britain. I guess he thinks government bureaucrats will do a better job than Murdock (if, indeed, he IS controlling the media). Some people really have STUPID ideas, don’t they? Unfortunately, they seem to have a platform from which to spout their stupidities.

WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ IS A FOOL: There, I said it. Is the racist “Black Caucus” going to criticize me now for stating the truth, as they have Allen West for doing the same? West is right to tell those demanding an apology to “go to hell.” You don’t apologize for telling the truth.

DEGREE IN ECONOMICS: That’s what arrogant MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer asked Missouri Congressman Mo Brooks (R) if he had a degree in economics, hoping to discredit him when he disagreed with her on an economy question. Lo, and behold, he DID. With high honors! I wish I could have seen this silly girl get her “comeuppance.”

LAUGHING AT ABSURDITY: Former RNC Chair Michael Steele burst into laughter when Salon lib Joan Walsh tried to compare Obama to Reagan. She demanded he not laugh at her, since she didn’t laugh at him. MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews was incensed. Steele replied that “When you say something funny, I’m going to laugh.” Liberals are constantly making laughable statements, but rarely is there someone there who KNOWS the truth to have guts enough to laugh at them.

“IT’S ALL BUSH’S FAULT”: Obama still never misses a chance to blame all our problems on George Bush, even though there’s no way he can prove any of it. He repeats the lie that he’s “cleaning up after Bush” every chance he gets, or words to that effect. He wants to blame his mistakes on everybody but himself.

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