Tuesday, July 12, 2011

False Choices

The government SAYS there is evidence that raising AND lowering tax rates helps the economy. They use Reagan as evidence that LOWERING tax rates helps the economy (which is true), and Clinton as “evidence” that RAISING taxes helps the economy, but that’s WRONG. Reagan’s LOWERING if the tax rate created the biggest, longest-lasting economic boom we’ve ever had. It was so strong that even Clinton’s raising of taxes could not stop it, although they “slowed it down” and allowed Democrat machinations to get many Democrats elected to create a recession that began during Bush’s (the younger) administration so they could CLAIM that he was responsible for what THEY created.

YES, IT WORKED: People think nothing Obama has done has worked the way he wanted it; but they’re wrong. Everything he has done has worked—the way HE wanted it. His goal is to make this country into “Soviet America” and everything he has done has moved us in that direction. He never wanted to IMPROVE the economy—he WANTED to make it worse so he could blame the free market for the recession and move us closer to socialism. And it’s working. don't go by what he SAYS; go by what he DOES, and its effect.

GOVERNMENT SPENDING DOESN’T WORK: Liberals (Democrats) think government spending is necessary to stop a recession. It is NOT. All government spending does is move money from one person’s pocket (taxpayers) into that of another (tax receivers). It creates NO new money, which is what is REALLY what is necessary to end a recession. Only private business can do that.

TIRED OF HIS BULLSH-T: I’m getting very tired of hearing Obama’s bullcrap. Every time he opens his mouth he lies to us and dares us to disbelieve him. Like Clinton, he’d rather lie than tell the truth, when the truth would serve better. I think his biggest thrill is putting one over on us, like most con men.

OBAMA “NOT WORRIED”: He says he’s not worried about his re-election prospects. That’s because he’s blind to the fact that most of America is now wise to him and wants him OUT. He’s too arrogant to believe there are enough people who will vote against him to get rid of him. I pray he’s wrong.

GRUMPY OLD MEN: Many people would call me a “grumpy old man” since I spend most of my time griping about the stupid things many youngsters do, over and over, making the same mistakes, time and time again. I have several blogs about what mostly our politicians do, and, boy, are they stupid! I guess I’ve just been around long enough to have seen it before, and thus it irritates me when it happens again and again.

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