Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ain't That Jist Orful?

A well-known Democrat (Democrat Whip Steny Hoyer) “boo-hoos” that a balanced budget amendment would make it impossible to raise taxes. Democrats think that’s jist turribl orful. I think that’s the whole point of a balanced budget amendment, keeping them from their tax and spend ways.

WH BRAGS ABOUT “VASTLY IMPROVED ECONOMY: When there IS none. This is typical Obama, bragging about something that doesn’t exist in hope of convincing “the great unwashed” who don’t pay attention to politics that it is true.

IT’S NOT ISLAMIC TERRORISTS! In Oslo, Norway, they were quick to say it wasn’t Islamic terrorists who did the massacre, even before they knew who did it. Wonder why that is. Are they so afraid of Islamic murderers they won’t say a single word against them? After all, this was the country that was threatened by them over publishing a CARTOON!

ONLY IN ARKANSAS: They have made an ordinance in Gould, Arkansas to BAN people from getting together and forming an organization to decide anything. Somebody needs to remind them there is a Constitution that prevents them from doing this. How stupid ARE they?

IS HE A MUSLIM? I don’t know. But it seems he follows Muslim religious customs. People noticed he was not wearing his watch or his wedding ring last week. When questioned about their location, he said his ring was “in for repairs.” He didn’t say anything about the watch. Muslims are not allowed to wear ANY jewelry during Ramadan and Obama has not attended ANY church services lately. He even got out of Washington entirely last Christmas to avoid going to Christian services. His children get no Christmas presents. What gives? I don’t care if he is a Muslim, but if he is, why is he hiding it from us? Maybe HE’S ashamed of it.

ONLY IN SAN FRAN: They now have a law that prohibits landlords from asking an applicant about his criminal record. They say the landlord MUST allow an applicant to ignore his criminal past in getting an apartment or rental home. They’re putting criminals in a “protected class” much like gays, something that will have nothing to do with the welfare of other tenants. And include being a CRIMINAL, something that WILL. Way to go, SF! Make it as easy as possible for CRIMINALS while making it harder for honest people!

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