Thursday, July 21, 2011

Indifference to Political Power

This is the primary reason why nebbishes like Barney Frank can have such an astounding deleterious effect on commerce and even gain the power he has over affairs about which he cares nothing except for the power it gives him? When somebody goes against him, he rails on and on in opposition, calling them all sorts of names, and never talking about the substance of their opposition. He is the “consummate liberal” and gives not a whit about anything that cannot improve his position at the expense of that of others.

THE BIGGEST TAX LOOPHOLE: Politicians constantly talk about “tax loopholes.” But they work hard, every day, to create them. “What's the biggest tax loophole around? Almost 50% of Americans pay no taxes. So even though Obama says they aren't, the wealthy are paying far more than their 'fair share' of taxes. The reality is that the top 1% of taxpayers paid more than the ENTIRE BOTTOM 95% of taxpayers.” (Glenn Beck) This is one of the “insanely stupid statements” the liberals attribute to Glenn, and, as usual, they’re wrong. Actually, they’re LYING. These figures come from the Internal Revenue Service, itself. They are NOT Glenn’s imagination. That 50% are those now on welfare, earn no money, and therefore pay NO taxes. They are “net tax receivers.”

KILLING THE GOOSE: That lays the golden eggs. That’s what Obama wants to do when he demands to “tax the rich” at a higher rate than the rest of us. “The rich” are the people whose investments create ALL the jobs that make the economy better (Most government jobs do not do that. They merely suck more of the life out of the economy.) When they invest their money they create jobs, profits, and thus more taxable income. Tax them more and they have less to invest, and thus pay much less in taxes, even at that higher rate. It’s a liberal myth that “the rich” don’t pay “their share” of taxes. The top one percent of taxpayers (“the rich”) pay more (total) than the ENTIRE BOTTOM 95%! The top 25% pay 86% of ALL taxes! (IRS figures)

HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS? The media is SUPPOSED to tell you stuff like this: Cotton is up 140%; Agricultural Raw Materials up 81%; Food prices up 49%, and energy prices are up 81%. These are the kinds of facts that can “wake Americans up, which is why you don’t hear about it in the liberal media.'

SAME OL’SAME OL’: Refusing to send out Social Security checks if he doesn’t get his way is just the latest “con job” using the same old scam of cutting the most vital and visible things instead of cutting things like studying the sex life of the Tse-tse fly.

ADMITTING THE THEFT: Threatening to refuse to send out Social Security checks if he doesn’t get his increase in the debt ceiling is ADMITTING that the money in the supposed “fund” to pay Social Security has been stolen and is no longer there.

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