Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Politics At Its Worst"

Obama is running an ad saying the Republican ads blaming Obama for the bad economy is “politics at its worst.” But that’s a bald-faced LIE, the kind of which Obama tells daily. Obama IS responsible for the bad economy. At least it was DEMOCRATS who caused it to get him, and many other Democrats elected, and take over the federal government by passing the “Community Reinvestment Act of 1976, which FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could not, and would never repay it. A “recipe for disaster” guaranteed to discredit Bush and the Republicans. And he has worked diligently to make the recession worse.

SORRY FOLKS: My computer was down yesterday and I couldn't post anything.

“CREATING JOBS”: That’s what Obama said his “stimulus” program did. But where ARE they? I haven’t seen an influx of anything but GOVERNMENT jobs, and most of those are in the IRS, so they can “beat more money out of us” to support the “flights of fancy” they CALL “plans, but are simply “give-aways” mostly for their friends.

OBAMA’S “EVOLVING POSITION”: Which simply means he thinks one thing today and maybe something quite different tomorrow. That’s why it took him SIXTEEN HOURS to decide to let the Seals go after Osama (or what they wanted us to THINK was Osama). By the way: How did we get a president (at this time) whose name is ONE LETTER different from that of “Public Enemy Number One? With this bunch of idiots voting, that should have eliminated him, right there.

THEY KNEW NIDAL WAS A TERRORIST: But nobody wanted to deal with it. So now many people are dead at Ft. Hood, in the worst, most successful terrorist act on U. S. soil since 9/11. What the hell is WRONG with our bureaucrats? Do they “check their spines at the door” when they go into government?

“THE RICH WANT TO KILL EVERYBODY”: That’s the liberal line, and it’s STUPID! What earthly reason would “the rich” have to want to KILL everybody who is not rich? They NEED those people in order to REMAIN rich, while enriching them while they do it. This kind of rhetoric is abysmally STUPID and I’m amazed so many people who don’t pay attention to politics “buy” it.

FORCING THEM TO SUPPORT DEMOCRATS: The National Teacher’s Union is “assessing” all teachers in it $10 a month to be used for political purposes. Nobody asked them if they wanted to support Democrats, they just TOOK the money. I think those teachers should tell the NEA to “go to hell.”

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