Sunday, July 3, 2011

Higher Taxes Now Are Stupid

When you’ve spent all the money there is going to be for many years, it’s STUPID to demand more money from the very people whose investments create jobs and new wealth, which makes it more difficult for them to do so. It’s also stupid to go out and spend even more money (on credit) while you’re doing this. But that’s exactly what Obama is doing. People say Obama is STUPID for doing this. I think not. I think it’s all part of his plan to impose socialism upon us while blaming the free market for the failure.

JUST “DEEM IT” LEGAL: That’s what they were going to do with Obama’s health care swindle law, until they actually managed to con enough congresspeople into voting for it “to find out what’s in it” to get it passed. These people make me want to vomit the way they ignore the law and ignore the Constitution the way dictators do. Now they’re ignoring the debt limit. I guess they just plan to “deem” exceeding it legal. I guess “The One” is above such things as the law or the Constitution.

ALLEGATIONS OF TORTURE: The government is “looking into” allegations of torture that came from Islamic terrorists in prison, even though they KNOW making allegations of torture is part of their “modus operandi” and they routinely use them to harass their captors, making them harass themselves. The question is, should we be “investigating” the patriots who are gaining the information from bloody murderers that can (and does) save American lives during war? Frankly, I think these terrorist a—holes deserve more misery than they’re going to get from us.

ANOTHER 5-1/2 YEARS? That’s what Obama thinks he has as president. What a FOOL he is! He’ll be lucky if he finishes another six months! Elmer FUDD could beat him in the 2012 election. Apparently he still thinks Americans are STUPID and still don’t realize how much he has raped this country. Or that he can use his “silver tongue” to make them think we can’t “change horses in midstream.” What a STUPID thing for him to say!

OBAMA “TAKES A BREAK”: Right after chewing Congress’ butts for “not being there,” he goes on yet another vacation at Camp David. It really amazes me how he criticizes others for doing precisely what HE is doing, then goes off and does it again. What a loon we have as president (for a little while, yet).

KILL THE PRODUCERS: If you want to destroy a state like America, just take “direct aim” at the producers and achievers. Make it impossible for them to operate. That’s what Obama is doing. Can you figure out why? So he can destroy the free market system that has made us great and install a socialist system with him in charge, while blaming the free market for all the problems. That’s what he is doing, now.

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