Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Avoid Offending Muslims

Stop breastfeeding your child. That’s what a UK woman is being told. Which begs the question: “Why should ANYBODY stop doing ANYTHING to “avoid offending Muslims?” Why should anybody WORRY about “offending Muslims.” Who CARES if we “offend Muslims?” This is OUR country, and here, WE make the rules. If Muslims don’t like that, let them move elsewhere.

SIXTIES RACISM? Liberals are still griping about racist scenes in a sixties film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” even though Hollywood is, and was then, LIBERAL. So who are they complaining about? So they showed a Japanese man with big teeth and round glasses. So what? That’s how the “Japs” were portrayed then, soon after the war they waged against us was over. What has that to do with NOW?

OBAMA’S DAD: “SOCIOPATH”: That’s what Bill O’Reilly called Obama’s father in an interview with Sally Jacobs, author of “The Other Obama.” He also described him as a “shadowy figure.” So what? That’s very mild, compared to what many liberals call Bill. I guess those thin-skinned liberals just can’t take what they dish out.

HOW STUPID IS HE? Obama thinks the high jobless figures show his $830 billion stimulus “worked.” Wait; did he really say that out loud? Is he really THAT stupid? I think he’s about as stupid as they come, but it surprises me that he would actually SAY that and expect us to believe it. Boy, he must really think we are STUPID.

TYPICAL “JUSTICE” UNDER OBAMA: A Tea Party member was beaten unmercifully by SEIU members and they have been acquitted. Just like those black thugs who stood in front of a polling place carrying nightsticks, intimidating voters, they got away with it because the victim was an “enemy of Obama.”

IT’S A LOAD: Like all the stories liberals tell about Reagan, the one about Reagan and O’Neill going out after work and having a beer together is BULLSH-T. It’s a typical liberal lie, told to “change history.” Reagan never “went out for a beer” with ANYBODY, much less Tip O’Neill.

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