Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cops Rarely Armed in Norway

They actually need to get PERMISSION to retrieve their guns. How anybody expects them to be able to do anything against criminals, who have no such prohibitions and will most likely be armed any time they come in contact with the cops (or you) is a source of wonder. In Britain, where most uniformed cops are similarly not armed, they SAY the criminals usually will not be armed if they don’t have to deal with armed cops. What STUPIDITY! That’s the kind of stupidity you must contend with when liberals run things.

ISLAMIC TERRORISTS BLAME GLENN BECK: Never letting the facts get in the way of a good lie, they say he is responsible for the massacre in Norway. Notwithstanding the fact that Glenn is not heard in Norway, and there is no proof of anything to support their contention, they still blame him This is the news source that Hillary Clinton said was a more “trusted news source” than any other in the United states.

HILLARY IS A FOOL: If she thinks al-Jazerra is, in ANY way, a “trusted news source,” and displays that ignorance when she makes that assertion. But then she displays her ignorance in many other ways, too, whenever she opens her ignorant mouth. And this is the woman many people think (wish) will be the next president. Gawd, I hope not. If so, she’ll be worse than Obama, and will probably complete the job of destroying America.

AL-JAZERRA IS NOT A TRUSTED NEWS SOURCE: It is plainly a mouthpiece for Islamic terrorists and routinely, constantly, touts the terrorist line. It lies daily. An example of one of their lies is blaming Glenn Beck for the Norway massacre. That is one of their more FOOLISH lies. They don’t care if people with intelligence believes them or not. They think enough people who DON’T have intelligence will. Most people in their sphere of influence do not.

WHY DID OBAMA APPOINT HILLARY SEC. OF STATE? Doesn’t he know she’ll have to deal with people from many different countries, some of which regard ALL women as “chattel” and not to be taken seriously? This shows ignorance on Obama’s part. This is NOT a knock on woman in general. This is a knock on countries where women are regarded as “chattel” and not to be taken seriously.

WHY ISN’T IT RACIST? Why isn’t it racist for black people to make snide remarks about white people, while it DOES seem to be racist for white people to make similar remarks about black people? We can’t even TALK about blacks, even in complimentary fashion, without being “tagged” as racist.

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