Saturday, July 9, 2011

Closing Loopholes IS Raising Taxes

Raising taxes can be defined easily. If the taxpayer pays more money to the government this year than last year, you have raised taxes. That’s fact. You cannot avoid it. So stop trying to convince people that “closing loopholes” is NOT “raising taxes.”

WAR AGAINST THE RICH: The Democrats are running ads accusing the Republicans of “having an agreement with the super rich” to keep all the loopholes so they can continue to rip us off. This is a blatant INSTITUTIONAL lie. It is the DEMOCRATS who are systematically ripping us off, and with ads like these.

ANONYMOUS JURIES: There have been many death threats to the Caylee Anthony jury members. People have been following them home and threatening them; those whose names are known, anyway. But one lawyer is saying, “We don’t have anonymous juries in this country.” This attorney apparently doesn’t care that releasing those names might get them killed.

WHY THEY COULDN’T CONVICT CASEY ANTHONY: They went for too much of the cake. It’s a felony (Criminally Negligent Homicide and Failure to Report) to do something that accidentally kills a child and not report her missing. And it would have been easy to prove, but they went for First Degree Murder, which they could NOT prove, and predictably lost. So Casey goes free and if somebody doesn’t kill her, she will probably write a book and get it published under somebody’s name (so those who are going to sue her cannot take the money away from her) and go on with her life while little Caylee’s body rots in her grave.

LYING TO THE COUNTRY: I get really angry when a representative of our government gets on television and tells us a bald-faced lie about why we’re in the economic trouble we’re now suffering. Anybody with any intelligence knows it can be traced to a single law (Community Reinvestment Act of 1986, which FORCED lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could never repay it, an “exercise in disaster”), passed by Democrats, signed into law by a Democrat president (Jimmy Carter) to get Democrats elected and let them take over the government. Prove me wrong. I dare you. But you’d better be ready to prove your thesis. I can.

IN THE BEGINNING . . . they didn’t know Castro was a communist. They didn’t think he’d “take over” their little businesses when he took over several large businesses. People denied he would enslave this “island paradise.” They just didn’t believe it. We don’t know Obama is a communist (at least, those who don’t pay attention). I wouldn’t have believed he would “take over “ General Motors, but he did. The same things are happening here that happened in Cuba after Castro took over, and nobody is doing anything about it. Wake up, America! Or soon we will be “Soviet America.”

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