Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mexican Poet Wants to "Make A Deal"

He lost his son in the wars between drug cartels in Mexico and is now mounting a campaign to get the government (the cops) to “make a deal” with the cartels to stop the violence. He doesn’t specify what such a “Deal” will entail. He just wants one. Obviously, the loss of his son has unhinged him.

WHY NOT OTHERS? People talk about Glenn Beck as if he was a “crazy man” because NOBODY ELSE is talking about the same things he is talking about? Nor is anybody “putting things together” like he does. But my question is this: “Why IS nobody else looking into the same things about which he talks?” Why are they not trying to And FIND OUT if he is crazy or just telling truths they don’t want to believe, or have YOU believe?

RICH AND POOR: One of the favorite sayings of the liberals is, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” There’s a reason for that: the rich are more ABLE and the poor are more UNABLE to do things to GET rich. Sorry about that. You don’t just give things to people who cannot or WILL not earn for themselves. Most “poor” are poor because they made bad decisions during the time they were supposed to be going to school and gaining skills that could MAKE them rich. Now they should get used to being poor, or go out and gain some skills.

ADVANTAGE TO THE RICH: The liberals say the system advantages the rich, but ignores how those people BECAME rich through making good decisions and actually WORKING at it. That’s how liberals ALWAYS make their point; by ignoring the “inconvenient details.”

DUMP TRASH ON HIS LAWN: This is the level of discourse pursued by liberals who criticize US for “threatening words” in our speech. Meanwhile, they go right on with their foul-mouthed and overreaching violent screaming. One lady in CONGRESS likened cutting the budget to “killing women.” Another likens a government shutdown to “bombing innocent civilians.” Methinks they doth protest too much.” They know all about “violent rhetoric” because they do it more then anybody.

“CENTER” VS. RIGHT: The liberal media always refers to the “center vs. right” controversy. WHAT center? For the most part, you either believe in freedom to make your own decisions or you don’t. There’s no middle ground. To intimate that there is, is to lie. I’M not “in the center.” I believe completely in having the right to make ALL my own decisions without some nameless, faceless bureaucrat somewhere telling me what to do. That puts me solidly on “the right.” Anybody who doesn’t believe that way is solidly on the LEFT.

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