Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Beck's Craziest statements

They actually published an article detailing the ten craziest Glenn Beck statements. Every one of them that hasn’t come true is a joke he told on his zany radio show. I’ve heard him say some crazy things as a spoof of liberals. But liberals, as usual having NO sense of humor, take them seriously or just make them up out of whole cloth.

EGYPTIANS WORSE OFF NOW: So they got rid of Mubarak. Now what? Now they’re being “ruled” by Egypt’s military, which has issued a new Constitution for them. If the military EVER “steps back” and lets a civilian take over in the future, you can bet it’ll be somebody who will do their bidding. They’re saying now that they’re worse off than before they deposed Mubarak. Why am I not surprised?

EIGHT TIMES AS MUCH: The federal government spent EIGHT TIMES AS MUCH AS CAME IN, in March, 2011. when are these people going to learn that we’re BANKRUPT and stop spending money we don’t have? At least you’d think they would spend just a little less, wouldn’t you? Buy NOOOO! They don’t “rein in” their spending one dollar. Meanwhile, we give our descendants a lot more debt.

THOUSANDS MORE VOTES THAN VOTERS: That’s what they found in Wisconsin in the 2004 election. When Al Franken(stein) won his senate seat, the same thing happened. They kept on finding votes that had not been cast until he won the election. But there weren’t that many voters! And has anything been done about that? Not a chance! Because the elections are being run by Democrats. That’s how they remain in power; b y stealing elections.

“MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY”: That’s what Obama is saying about the Republicans in today’s debates over the budget that is two years late because of the Democrats. But I’ve got to ask the same question Rush Limbaugh asked: “When was the last time Obama compromised on ANYTHING?”

WAIVERS: If Obama’s health care swindle is going to save so many people so much money, why is it that they are finding it necessary to grant hundreds of waivers to various companies, beginning with McDonald’s, so they can afford to continue offering health care programs to their employees?

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