Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Burning Koran Is Worse

They say that because the Koran is SUPPOSED to be the DIRECT “word of God.” It’s not. No more than the Bible is. In the Bible they acknowledge that the human writers were DIRECTED by God as to what to write. Muslims say Allah DIRECTED Mohammed as to what to write. What’s the difference? Mohammed is a human being just like the writers of the Christian Bible were. The problem with burning either is in the INSULT to followers of that religion. I wouldn’t burn the Koran any more than I would the Bible, no matter WHO wrote it.

“HAMBURGER-FLIPPING JOBS:” That’s what liberals called it when Bush’s jobs numbers improved. Now that McDonald’s has announced it wants to hire 50,000 people, where is that “hamburger-flipping” insult? It apparently doesn’t apply when Obama is president.

TWISTING NEWS: Liberals, even Catholics, twist the news and condemn Israel for RETALIATING against the “Palestinians” and their incessant rocket attacks on Israeli territory. Fortunately, they’re lousy aimers and usually don’t hit anything, while Israel’s retaliation does. That’s what makes liberals and Jew-haters mad.

ONE EXAMPLE: Liberals are constantly saying Fox News tells lies as news, but they can’t come up with any examples. I’d like to see ONE TRUE EXAMPLE of the “lies” liberals say they tell. What they DO is tell the TRUTH on both sides. That’s what liberals hate.

DEAN LIES LIKE A RUG: Howard (The Screamer) Dean says “the right” is “blowing up buildings” and doing other violent things. Funny; the liberal press must be covering it up, since I’ve seen NO evidence of it. Again, Howard, I’d like for you to cite ONE TRUE EXAMPLE!

BECK CREATES JOBS: Glenn Beck has created hundreds of jobs. A lot more than Obama and all his henchmen have created. Some he hired to aid him in telling the truth to the nation and the rest (86) hired by George Soros to spend full time trying (so far unsuccessfully) to discredit Beck.

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