Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Take Back Your Party!"

That’s what Nancy Peelosi says to Republicans. So “Elections won’t mean so much.” What? Why the HELL should “elections not matter so much?” The whole idea of elections IS to “matter a lot,” electing people who will do what is BEST for this country, not just what people like Nancy Peelosi thinks is best for this country. She says we must do that because we have “shared values.” But Nancy and I (and most of the rest of the country) don’t HAVE “shared values.” Her “values,” if she has any at all, are NOT mine.

A TEASPOON IN THE SEA: $38 billion dollars sounds like a lot of money; and it is, for us. But for the Washington thinkers it isn’t much. The Democrats screamed and hollered when Republicans forced a cut of this much. But in reality, it’s so small a number it doesn’t even equal the money we have to spend in a day to pay the INTEREST on the national debt. That means every day, we’re getting further behind. Now it seems the cuts aren't that much, after all, due to "creative accounting."

OBAMA IS A SMALL MAN: His recent speech proved that. Most of it was taken up with telling us how he was going to “get back” at those who opposed him in the past. He just can’t stand opposition. It infuriates him, and he WILL retaliate against his opposition. That’s the way he is. The artist who puts out Mallard Fillmore, a comic strip usually critical of him, has been audited by the IRS THREE TIMES since he became president.

THEY DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH: Democrats compare what conservatives do to KILLING seniors and babies (while they’re actually DOING it) they say what we do is tantamount to KILLING Granny (while their own medical care rationing will do it). Then count how many unborn INFANTS they've killed. And they criticize US about “vitriolic language.”

STOP WITH THE DAMNED BIRTH CERTIFICATE CRAP! That’s what Glenn Beck says. As with Rush, I don’t agree with Glenn’s every OPINION. I didn’t get into the birth certificate debate until Obama refused to release it and even spent millions of taxpayer dollars to avoid releasing it. Now I want to SEE it, not some “ponied up” false “certificate of live birth” that proves nothing.

IMAMS TEACHING ABOUT ISLAM? That’s what the German education minister wants. Maybe the then German education minister wanted Nazis to teach about Nazism before WWII. An Imam WILL teach their kids about “the wonders of Islam” and “Jihad,” one way or the other. This is yet another illustration of a politician “bending over” to Islam, and she can expect to get screwed.

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