Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why Now?

We’ve been hearing about a lot of cases where airport flight controllers have been found asleep. and now even a case that endangered Obama's wife. FAA is now wanting to increase the number of controllers on duty on the midnight shift. Congress has wanted to cut the budget of the FAA. Can you say “give them a reason not to?” I’ve been wondering why this has come up just now. I believe I now know.

TRILLIONS IN CUTS? Obama has promised to cut the budget by trillions of dollars in the next 12 years (yeah, I believe it). Is that a slip of the tongue? Did he assume he’d be still in office in 12 years? What does he know that we don’t know? If we go by the law (which is rare), he will have been out of office for a long time when 12 years has gone by. Is he planning something?

CUT IMPORTANT SERVICES: Colorado is going to cut another $200 million from its education budget. I’m anxious to see just WHICH services they cut. Will it be firing the longest-serving teachers because they may get paid a little more than neophytes just out of college? Will they cut down on the number of janitors because they CAN? How many other important things will they cut, while completely ignoring some things they don’t actually NEED, but still want to keep? To make sure parents squeal loudly about the cuts they DO make?

COPS NOT IMPORTANT: A New Jersey city, run entirely by liberals, are going to balance their budget not by buying fewer paper clips or less of that stupid looking art they seem to buy; but by laying off 25% of their police department. Their criminals will be happy to hear that.

NOBODY UNDERSTANDS IT: Nobody . . .NOBODY; not even the people who enforce it or wrote the tax code, understands it. Not even the “tax preparers,” who PRETEND to understand it. And they’re busy making it even more complicated all the time.

OBAMA’S THE BEST MAN: He says he’s the best man to finish the job he started, which is why he wants a second term. But the “job he started” is to destroy our economy and make us into a socialist nation; a job I, for one, do not want to see him complete. So let’s send him back to Chicago where he can bedevil those liberals running that city.

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