Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Graffiti Is NOT "Art"

I’ll say it again. Art is something that requires TALENT, and it should be done ONLY on your own property. Yes, I’ve seen some graffiti that shows some talent. But doing it on somebody else’s property is against the law. I was “taken to task” recently for saying “graffiti is not art,” with the writer comparing it to Time Magazine. Time Magazine does not print on someone else’s property and it is done with some degree of talent. Neither do they give it to you for nothing. There’s no comparison. To make such a comparison is idiocy.

PEPPER SPRAY AN 8-YEAR-OLD? In Lakewood, Colorado, a cop pepper sprayed an obstreperous 8-year-old because he had something sharp in his hand and was “making a scene.” Why wasn’t a big, strapping, cop able top handle an 8-year-old, even if he had a knife, without pepper spraying him?

“BIRTHER” ISSUE TO STAY AROUND:” Donald “The Hair” Trump is now working for Fox News, and, even though Obama tried to make those who insist on seeing his REAL birth certificate seem like idiots, the “birther” issue is unlikely to go away; nor should it. If Obama is not an American citizen, he has no business being president. He should have been required to produce proof of his American birth before he was even allowed to file to run for president.

EPA TO RAISE RADIATION LEVELS: That’s their answer to the increased radiation levels all over the world, caused by the Japanese nuclear disaster. That’s how the government works. If radiation levels get to high levels, just raise the level at which they are considered “dangerous.” That way they can still announce that “radiation levels are not at dangerous levels” when they may be. You just can’t depend on what the government tells you. (Thanks to my sister Patti for this)

TURNING NATURALISTS INTO FELONS: The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t like competition. So they push and push for legislation anywhere they can to abolish it. In North Carolina they’re trying to get legislation passed to make ALL naturalists and purveyors of “health foods” and other forms of “non-medicine” cures into felons. Never mind many of their own “fixes” for illness involve leaves, plants, and even horse urine, and sometimes don't work. But they don’t want you to know that. (Again thanks to my sister Patti)

NYC BANS FRIED FOOD: Not for everybody, but “That's the new edict for employees of the same city Health Department that brought you calorie-counting menus and snuffed out smoking on beaches and in parks.” Frankly, I’d tell them to “stuff it.” I eat what I want, not what some jerk bureaucrat says I can.

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