Saturday, April 23, 2011

Free Health Exam

If you can’t afford a complete physical, go to the airport; there, you’ll get a free x-ray and breast exam, and if you mention al-Qaida, you’ll get a free colonoscopy. Right there in front of God and everybody.

NBC’S ANDREA MITCHELL LOVES AL-JAZEERA: Newsbabe Andrea Mitchell gushes over Al-Jazeera. She says they have become indispensable. Should we have regarded “Tokyo Rose” as “indispensable” during WWII? Al-Jazeera says one thing in English and quite another in Arabic. And THIS is “real news?” Hillary needs to be charged with insurrection for being the first politician touting Al-Jazeera. These are the STUPID people we have elected to office! Gimme a break! (Source: Freedom’s Phoenix)

“HOPE AND CHANGE”: This is one of the most meaningless things Obama has said, and he has said a lot of meaningless things. People “bought” his bulllsh-t and elected him president on the basis of this meaningless motto. Nobody ever asked him what he meant by “hope and change.” They used their own definitions of those words. But Obama’s definition of those words is a lot different. For him it means a country under socialism, with HIM in charge.

REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH IS THEFT! I don’t care if you think it’s “the right thing to do,” it’s STEALING! Taking from those who EARNED it and giving it to those who DID NOT earn it. That’s STEALING, even if it’s the government doing it. If you define it differently, YOU’RE a thief. If I EARN a dollar, I’m entitled to KEEP that dollar, and not be forced to give YOU part of it if you didn’t earn it. Redistribution of wealth is what Obama and his henchmen are promoting, and that makes HIM a thief.

REPUBLICANS ARE THE RADICALS? Gimme a break! That’s what Obama the thief told a group at a Facebook meeting the other day while he PROMOTES “redistribution of wealth,” one of the most radical things I know of. He lies every day he opens his mouth, and most people (who don’t pay attention to politics) believe him and even vote the way he wants them to vote.

$5 A GALLON IS A “BIG THING!” People in our government are now saying $5 a gallon is not a “big thing” and may even be GOOD for us. Though I can’t see HOW. They SAY high gas prices cause people to drive less, which makes fewer people die in auto accidents. Boy, how stupid is THAT thinking! Meanwhile, gas prices continue to go up, and we refuse to drill for oil where WE control things while FINANCING the oil drilling of other countries, then BUY that oil from them at high prices. How incompetent ARE those now “in charge” in Washington? The liberal media doesn’t even COVER the rise in oil costs anymore as they did every day when Bush was in office.

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