Saturday, April 16, 2011

Egyptian Blogger Imprisoned

For criticizing the government. With all its flaws, America is a lot better than Egypt or any number of other countries that can “shut you down” at will and/or put you in prison on a charge of “criticizing the government.” They can’t yet do that in this country. Here they must find something else to charge a critic with so they can PRETEND his criticism of the government isn’t the reason they’re “shutting him down.”

OBAMA’S FRESH NEW IDEA: Soak the rich. Seems to me Democrats (liberals, socialists) have been doing that for as long as I can remember—and that’s a long time. There’s nothing new about it, and liberals know it. But pretend it’s a new idea they will. And they’ll place new taxes on the very people whose activities CREATE the wealth they want to steal. I get really tired of them talking about “tax cuts for the rich” when tax cuts are for EVERYBODY unless they’re specifically aimed at “the rich,” which they usually aren’t.

“EARTH TO GET VOTING RIGHTS? Some liberals want to give the right to vote to—wait for it—the EARTH. As if the Earth were a living, breathing sentient person. Of course, that means they get to “appoint” the person who will CAST that vote, which is what they’re after.

CONGRESSWOMAN MOCKS CONSTITUTION: Rep Loretta Sanchez says “Every time I talk to Tea Party people they talk about laws being unconstitutional.” She says this as if it were funny. It’s not. It’s especially not when it is a United States congresswoman doing it; a person who SHOULD realize how important it is for a law to BE constitutional. For her to think that’s funny should be grounds for removal. But it isn’t, and that’s a flaw in the system. Naturally she’s a Democrat, and from California, one of the most Democrat and liberal states in the union.

MEXICO BLAMES US: Blaming the victim. The president of Mexico says the drug problem wouldn’t be there if there were not such a big market in America. So? What’s his point? There would not be a MARKET if the drug cartels and their dealers didn’t push so hard to SELL their drugs here. Is it OUR fault? Or theirs? If we legalized drugs, the market would shrink. The “drug war” certainly isn’t working now. More people are abusing drugs today than before it started.

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