Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Get Used to High Gas Prices"

That’s what Obama says, and for a change, I believe him. He intends to make sure they STAY that way so he can blame it on the free market and it will advance his efforts to make this into a socialist country. I believe he will do everything in his power to keep them high.

BEAR FARTS TO BE FUNDED: If the government shuts down, Obama will make sure to cut funding for the most essential services while still funding research into how many times bears fart in the wilderness and how the methane thus released affects the rest of the world. All his give-away programs will also continue to be funded. IRS agents will continue to be paid, and you'd BETTER get your taxes in on time.

THE DOG AND PONY SHOW CONTINUES: Obama and his henchmen still PRETEND to be trying to avoid a government shutdown while planning on who to still pay while it IS “shut down.” Of course, the IRS people will still be paid. Suffer the fools who think they won’t. They have to continue to be paid so they can continue to beat money out of taxpayers.

OBAMA ANNOUNCES HIS RE-ELECTION BID: As if he has a snowball’s chance in hell of being re-elected. Obama is so far out of it he still thinks the only reason 80% of the country is against him is because of good merchandising, and he can do a better job of merchandising himself. He did it in the last election, didn’t he?

“BUY A NEW CAR”: A man told Obama about his truck, which gets 8 miles per gallon. So Obama says he ought to trade it in on something smaller. In other words, it’s HIS fault. Forget the fact that he NEEDS such a vehicle for his work. He should get a smaller vehicle anyway. This guy just DOESN’T CARE about what happens to people because of his policies.

IF OBAMA SAID “DRILL”: Gasoline prices would plummet. So you can depend on him not to do so any time soon. If that happened, he wouldn’t have anything he can blame on Republicans and he wouldn’t be able to move us toward socialism as fast as he wishes.

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