Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NOT an Inflation Cause!

This Democrat administration would have you believe that the “wage-price spiral” CAUSES inflation. WRONG! Inflation has a SINGLE CAUSE; it is the government printing money with nothing valuable behind it and putting that money into circulation. They also want you to believe that high oil prices are a major cause of inflation. WRONG AGAIN! High oil prices are, like the wage and price spiral, a SYMPTOM of inflation—NOT the cause! They really think we’re STUPID.

“KNOW’M SAYIN’?” I was sitting in a restaurant eating breakfast when a man started talking on a cell phone right behind me. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be a problem for me, but this guy used the term, “Know’m Sayin?” fourteen times in fifteen seconds during that phone call. Just hearing him say that wouldn’t be a problem either, except that many times is irritating. To the person to whom he’s talking, it is an insult, as if that person were too stupid to understand what he’s saying. If you do that, STOP IT! You’re grating on many people’s nerves and you probably don’t even realize you’re doing it. Know’M Sayin’?

TAKE AWAY THE KEYS: Somebody needs to take the keys to the Treasury's printing presses away from Fed Chairman Brenanke and Barack Obama, and put some intelligent people in charge there if they keep it open at all (which I don’t recommend). All the “stimulus” programs have done is give Obama a “slush fund” he can use to reward his friends. The Fed “buying up” our debt hasn’t done anything but make the stock market rise a little, but which hasn’t done a thing to reduce joblessness and other symptoms of recession. C’mawn, people! DO something to stop these thieves!

OBAMA “INVESTIGATING” HIMSELF: Of course, he won’t admit that as he mounts his “investigation” to see what the cause of the high oil prices is. It’s HIM and the rest of the politicians in Washington! It is the policies of this government for most of the last fifty years NOT to allow oil drilling in our own territory, while at the same time making it very difficult to build a new oil refinery, PLUS printing money by the BILLIONS of dollars with nothing valuable behind it. This is CRIMINAL action and should be punished. Will it ever be? Doubtful.

WHERE’S OUR CHURCHILL? Churchill was, like Glenn Beck, called “crazy” when he tried to warn us against Hitler and the Nazis. Beck will be proved right, as Churchill was, as time goes on. I just hope it is in time. I don’t want to live under a socialist or communist government, and I don’t want my descendants to, either.

IDIOT CHARGE: Liberals keep saying we have “stolen from the poor.” What the hell does the “poor” have that we COULD steal? Like most of what liberals think, this is silly, and wrong. You cannot steal from those who do not HAVE anything.

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