Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Teachers MUST Promote Marxism"

"TEACHERS MUST PROMOTE MARXISM:" What are teachers THINKING when they talk about "the need to PROMOTE Marxism?" Some of them are talking about ways to EXCEL in the world, and they think they have to PROMOTE Marxism to do that. Are they STUPID, or what? These are the people who are teaching ("conditioning") our kids. And they're teaching (promoting) Marxism. Do YOU know what Marxism IS? How about socialism? Progressivism? Naziism? collectivism? If you don't, you'd better learn, or soon your CHILDREN will be teaching YOU. All those words mean the same thing: collectivism; with only cosmetic differences. Look it up.

RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN: Communism and socialism used to be things you only practiced in secret, for fear people would find out. That’s because both those words represent the THEFT of money that is EARNED by one person, to give to someone who did NOT earn it. It was rightly considered bad, and a crime. Today, out own PRESIDENT has APPOINTED known communists to high office in his administration, yet nobody seems bothered by that. If they don’t get together and DO something about it, one day the government will own all, and you will not be able to make a move without a “permit.”

IS BIDEN OUT? There’s a rumor going around that Joe Biden will be replaced next year. That’s not too smart on Obama’s part, since Biden is the last remaining strong insurance against assassination. As long as Biden is right in line to become president if Obama died, those who hate him enough to want to kill him won’t have a good reason NOT to do so. (To the feds reading this: I’m NOT suggesting assassination of Obama would be a good thing, so you can stay home and out of my hair. Unless you just want topurposely misunderstand it so you can hassle me on general principles.)

“RICH DON’T PAY THEIR “FAIR SHARE”: I hear this often, and I’m really getting tired of hearing this obvious liberal LIE. The top 25% earners pay a whopping 86% of taxes. That sayeth the IRS, not some “right wing” outfit. Every time I hear Obama or one of his henchmen talk about “taxing the rich,” I shudder, thinking about how much they’re taxed already.

NANCY TO BE SPEAKER AGAIN? Obama thinks Nancy Peelosi will be speaker again after the next election. How out of touch is THAT? I predict that Obama will be “put out to pasture” after the next election. If not, you might as well kiss your butt goodby, because it will belong to him, along with everything else you used to own.

NO—WHAT? Obama says the welfare state “made America great.” Yes! He actually said that; in public. How STUPID is this man? What made this country great is FREE ENTERPRISE! How he can translate giving money to people who won’t work as “making America great,” I don’t know. His reasoning is very twisted. All that does is give people INCENTIVE not to work, which reduces the output of this nation, and does NOT make it great. Jeeze!

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