Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Same Number

It seems that the same number of people who pay NO taxes at all think “the rich” need to be taxed at higher rates. Funny; seems like they should have no say in it, since they pay NO taxes at all. But even though they pay NO taxes they think "the rich" should pay more.

THERE’S A LEAK IN YOUR POCKET: But you can’t see it or sew it up. That leak is called, “inflation.” The more money the government prints without anything valuable backing it, the less your money is worth. It’s the ONLY reason why prices and wages keep going up. When prices go up, wages MUST follow. The government itself will tell you this when taking about counterfeiters, but not when they talk about themselves. I get tired of saying this with nobody doing anything about it.

LIBERALISM DOES NOT MAKE SENSE: Everything they push is contrary to common sense. Like that liberal female actor who suggested you use ONE square of toilet paper per trip to the john. How STUPID is that? They think the way to economic success is to “tax the rich,” meaning EVERYBODY who EARNS over $250,000.00 (except themselves).They also DENY that lowering tax rates will create MORE taxable income and thus increase the amount of taxes collected—as it did when Reagan did id, and when Bush (2) did it. Proof means nothing to them if it disagrees with their “flights of fancy.”

TOP 30% OF RICH: How many do they employ? How much money do they provide to the national treasury every day? They ALREADY pay the most taxes of anybody while almost 50% of households pay NO taxes at all. They are “net tax RECIPIENTS” who are on welfare in one way or another.

ADMIRING A DICTATOR: Obama “admires” the government of communist China. He says they “get things done” there that we can’t get done here because there, nobody "second-guesses" them. Maybe that’s because people don’t DARE criticize the communist China government. It is a DICTATORSHIP. Does anybody realize what this MEANS? Obama wants to be a DICTATOR! Somebody needs to slow this jerk down.

GOING TO JAIL FOR KILLING AN INFANT: Two women in Colorado Springs, Colorado went to jail for trying to drown an infant in the toilet. Their crime, I guess, is not killing him soon enough. If they had killed him in the womb, they’d have been okay.

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